Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Build loyalty & Inbound traffic

Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation

Today, Social Media has become a powerful Marketing & Branding strategy for all businesses around the globe. Companies are using Social Media to create awareness to their services, products and publish company updates simultaneously receiving feedbacks to improve their offerings. Small businesses are embarking into implementing Social Media to streamline their Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, and Customer Service and to energize their Business’s online presence.

Social Media describes the usage of Social networking sites, Blogs, or any other collaborative Web based media effectively for networking and marketing purposes.

We create Social Campaigns to strategically position your business to take advantage of the networking to brand your company effectively to create effective lead generation, loyal customers and inbound traffic. Our packages help enable you on Social Media sites and integrate the feeds creating a larger referral marketing increasing your sales, and bottom line.

We provide:

  • Training & Ongoing guidance
  • Create target audience analysis
  • Content and Keyword strategy
  • Cross-site feed integration (write once, publish many times)
  • Blog & SEO techniques
  • Reputation management (provide reports on what’s being said about you and your company)
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube branding
Is this all so overwhelming? Are you lost in the buzz? Don’t know where to start? No WORRIES.

We offer packages and services that help integrating your Social Media to your Marketing plans. We help tying your Social Media presence to your Website, Blog and vice versa to create a complete circle to fulfill Marketing and Branding strategies. How do we do it?

wordpress_icowordpressBlogs have become powerful content publishing mediums, to connect with visitors, and interact with networks. Blogs are becoming back bones to business websites to create a high profile, dynamic and bolder web presence.

We can help:

  • Setup, host, and maintain your blog on WordPress
  • Design your blog theme with company branding
  • Integrate Twitter, Facebook, YouTube feeds
  • Create links to Social Media sites (to join, follow, connect etc)

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facebook_icofacebookBusiness owners and professionals have realized the power in business networking on Facebook. Business pages also called as Fan pages are used to create branding awareness and also to connect with customers on a regular basis. Businesses started taking advantage in posting their product information, service promises, new releases or company updates in these pages. This became more valuable when Google and Bing announced they would be indexing Facebook fan pages in search results.

We can help:

  • Design Facebook Welcome page, Logos
  • Integrate Facebook feed to your website and blog
  • Integrate blog feed to Facebook
  • Integrate Youtube feed to Facebook

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linkedin_icolinkedinLinkedIn is a peer-to-peer, professional networking site. This is a great networking place for many professionals to stay connected with other professionals in the same line, and to share information over the area of interest. LinkedIn is becoming the job marketing place, with more and more companies looking to recruit employees or consultants based on their profile and involvement in here. The connections, groups, recommendations, and activities define your professional and work ethics.

We can help:

  • Integrate Twitter feed to LinkedIn
  • Integrate Blog feed to LinkedIn
  • Create link from Website or Blog
  • Create link from Facebook

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twitter_icotwitterTwitter is the new way of communication. It is a micro-blogging service that changed the entire way the people on internet could interact. Now businesses have quickly adopted this to gain followers, and to publish quick product, services, and information regarding their companies and commitments. Few businesses extensively use this tool for customer support, marketing and promotions. With 140 character updates, you can make a very big impact quickly.

We can help:

  • Integrate Twitter feed to LinkedIn, Blog, Facebook
  • Design Twitter background and logo
  • Create link from Website or Blog

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Write Once. Publish many times.

Social Media Feed Integration We know how time consuming it is to maintain all your Social Media networking sites and staying in touch with your networks with latest business updates. It becomes very important to have a clear strategy to effectively utilize the time spent while writing the updates and sharing information on the Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

As part of our Social Marketing package we integrate all your feeds so as you write once the updates automatically trickle into other networking sites reducing your time and effort in publishing many times. The feeds are also integrated to flow back to your website which is still your first marketing tool and landing page. As the integration is real time the updates are seen on the website and other sites instantly keeping your networks and visitors up to date on all your current and relevant information.

We integrate feeds flowing from:

  • Facebook, Blog, Twitter, YouTube to Website
  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to Blog
  • Blog, Twitter to LinkedIn
  • YouTube, Blog to Facebook
  • Facebook to Twitter
  • LinkedIn to Twitter