Redesigning a website or planning a marketing strategy can seem complicated. Find the answers to our most commonly asked questions to get your business up and running.  Feel free to get in touch with one of our specialists for additional information about our design process, the type of services we offer, or how we can help build your brand.

Our Process

How Long Does It Take To Design My Website?

The timeline of a design depends on the needs and features of the website. Every website has its purpose and specific target audience. We try to finish the project as soon as possible.

Generally, it takes about 3 to 4 weeks from the start to go live for the design, social media integration, and training on the blog. The most common delay we encounter in the completion of a new website is waiting for the content from the client.

Do We Have To Meet In Person To Discuss The Needs And The Design?

Most of the time, an in-person meeting isn’t necessary. We can discuss your website’s designs and needs over the phone, through email, and/or through virtual meetings.

All the design work is done on our test servers and a link will be provided to check the progress and to test the complete website before going live.

What Kind Of Information Would You Need In The Consultation?

All our website design and marketing solutions are custom-built for your business needs and target markets. We need to understand your business model, your current marketing strategies, future marketing and sales goals, target reach, and growth potential. This helps us put together a package specific to your requirements that work for your business and success.

How Do I Provide The Content For The Website?

We recommend using a Word document to provide necessary content for specific pages and blocks on the website. Graphics could be sent as email attachments or given as links for stock photos. If it’s a redesign, we can extract the current website’s content and upload it to the new website. We provide a Content Manager as your main point of contact to ensure that all of the text and images are uploaded correctly to the website.

How Can I Update My Website After It Goes Live?

All our websites come with a Content Manager or Content editor allowing you to update the text and graphics on the pages yourself. We will also provide training and support on the CMS (Content Management Solution) to help with the learning curve.

Do You Provide Hosting And Maintenance Services Once The Website Is Done?

Yes. All the websites are hosted on our private servers and constantly maintained for software upgrades, security patches and failure points. Regular backups are taken to avoid any data loss in blogs, website pages and any backend apps.

Web Design

How Much Does The Website Design Cost?

This is an interesting and vague question similar to asking “How much does a car cost?” We all know it totally depends on the make, model, year, and features of the car. In the same way, the total cost of your website is based on the extent of customization and features added.

Every business is unique in its business model, target markets, and in their marketing reach. We consult with you to understand all these to tailor fit a solution that works the best for your needs. That’s when we would be able to provide you with the cost breakdown and work on the payment options.

Do You Use Flash Animation In Your Website Design?

No. We do not support any kind of Flash animation in our designs as it is not Google friendly, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly. Our animations are all built using HTML5 standards for the best overall user experience.

Will My Website Design Be Search Engine Friendly?

Yes. All our websites are custom-built and are user-friendly, social media-friendly, and SEO-optimized to maximize their effectiveness and purpose. We help you with onsite optimization using meta tags, titles, keyword density, headings, and content distribution.

Will My Website Look And Perform The Same On Different Browsers And Systems?

We design websites to be compatible with any computer system or internet browser. They are built to look and perform the same on all browsers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. Of course, this also is affected by the end-users’ computer settings, resolution, browser versions, and installed desktop applications. As technology keeps changing it’s important to get your website analyzed and updated periodically to stay current with the web standards.

Why is Having a Mobile-Friendly Site So Important?

Smartphones are driving an increasing amount of web traffic, and the numbers are only going to grow as mobile devices become cheaper and more mainstream. 40% of online searches now happen on mobile devices. Having your website readable on smartphones or tablets increases customer conversions and improves a user’s browsing experience.

How Long Do I Have To Keep The Website With You? Can I Move To A Different Host Later?

We generally recommend a 12-month contract for the best return on investment. As per our contract, you own the website which includes the design, content, graphics, and features excluding any proprietary code or software used. You can move to a different host down the road and take the complete website with you. We will also help you move the entire website along with the software, files, content, graphics, and data to the new host seamlessly.

Do You Provide Website Statistics?

Yes. We believe that without the measure you can’t improve your strategy. The website statistics are completely accessible on-demand to measure your visitor traffic, page views, traffic sources, keywords, time spent on each page, etc. We’ll also show you how to measure your social media analytics for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn

Do You Redesign Existing Websites?

Yes. We can redesign your website to the current standards and visitors’ expectations retaining your company’s brand, message, and feel.

My Customers Are All Through Referrals. Why Do I Need A Website?

Your website is your online brand representation. It primarily serves 2 purposes: lead generation and brand recognition. You could have a website solely for the purpose of brand recognition. But customers often choose between two competing businesses based partially on their websites. If your competition’s website is better than yours, potential customers could end up passing you by.

Digital Marketing

What Is Included In The SEO Services?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services are broken into 2 parts. The first part is implementing an effective blog and social media strategy to generate relevant content, keywords, and inbound leads. The second part is link building or creating backlinks for various other sites for the keywords you want to be optimized. The more backlinks you generate, the better keyword ranking and authority your website will have. Both of these strategies work together to help potential clients find you faster and increase their chances of doing business with you.

Why Is Social Media Integration So Important?

Social media is all about people helping people. Social media integration helps to improve brand recognition, products & services awareness, word of mouth, inbound leads, and search engine optimization. Imagine what this could do to your business when they can find your brand on these sites. Social media helps in building brand recognition, products & services awareness, word of mouth, inbound leads, and also search engine optimization.

More About Our Services

What Additional Services Do You Offer?

We provide end-to-end web design and marketing solutions including website design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, mobile site design, email campaigns, and online apps like CRM, sales performance trackers, and clients’ document repository.

Do You Provide Any Training?

Yes. We provide full-length training on content management software, blog writing, and social media advertising. We will educate you on online marketing best practices, including blog writing, social media updates, and more as part of our packages.

What Kind Of Clients Do You Work With?

We work with all industries and vertical markets including, but not limited to energy & oil services, real estate, insurance, finance, professional services, non-profits, healthcare, and law firms, etc. Please feel free to check our portfolio and clients’ testimonials to see how we helped many local businesses with their lead generation and brand building.

What Kind Of Guarantee Do You Provide?

We guarantee satisfaction with our work by offering fast turnarounds, superior brand quality, excellent customer service, education on market changes, and maximum return on investment.

One of Houston’s Top Digital Marketing Agencies

We consider it a privilege to be awarded one of the top digital marketing agencies in Houston. Helping local businesses grow their brand and meet their online marketing goals is one of our greatest accomplishments.