What Makes a Website Stand Out From Your Competitors

If you are in the market for a brand new website or website redesign, the first question in your mind is likely “What Makes a Website Stand Out?” In other words, how do you offer your visitors a unique experience so that they will remember you and choose your business over a competitor?

The answer is probably not what you would expect. In terms of your website’s design, the best thing you can do is Keep it Simple and Focus on Content.  

5 Ways to Keep Design Simple So Content Can Shine

Visitors come to your website for one thing: a solution to their problem. Within your content, not a flashy design, is where the solution will lie. A content-focused website will be designed with your content in mind, first.

Here’s what makes a website stand out from competitors:

1) Use Easy, Intuitive Navigation

While it can be tempting to get creative with your website’s navigation, an easy, intuitive format will drastically improve the user experience. The best website navigation menus follow a standard format – Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact.  

There are, of course, a few variations that work well. But keeping the nav as simple as possible provides more focus for a user looking for the exact product or service they need.

2) Design with Mobile in Mind

Data shows that over 60% of all consumers access websites from their smartphone. You’ve undoubtedly heard of a “mobile-friendly” website. This is not a new concept by any means. But designing with mobile in mind from the very beginning will ensure your website is in the very best format for this large percentage of users.

3) Connect with Valuable, Engaging Content

Beautiful imagery, clever language, and short, engaging video clips – aka “content” – is what will connect with the people viewing your site.  

These three elements will carry the message to your potential customers about what your business can do to solve their problem. Keeping the design simple allows this content to reach your visitors quickly and make a solid impact on their decision to do business with you.  

4) Optimize Content to Reach the Right Audience

Creating engaging content is the first step, but making sure it is optimized to reach the right audience is equally as important. Your website can’t stand out among your competitors if it can’t be found in search results. Use Search Engine Optimization techniques to help people find you – the answer they’ve been looking for!  

5) Focus on Building Relationship with Clients

Overall, your content and website should be centered around building a relationship with clients and prospective clients. Knowing their needs and responding to them. You are not selling services or products – you are providing solutions! Keeping this in mind will help you design an effective tool that will reach and engage the masses.

Content Will Always Be King

While a gorgeous website design will certainly draw attention, content is, always has been and always will be king. When you think about what makes a website stand out, you want to focus not only on what will attract, but even more important, what will engage your users. Figure out what solution you have to offer and use content to promote this solution to those who have the problem it will answer.

Learn More About What Makes a Website Stand Out

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