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Houston Digital Marketing: 5 Unique Ways to Generate Online Leads

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Lead Generation

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It can be tough to navigate the waters of the ever-changing Houston digital marketing world. There is a lot of chatter out there about how to best set up your digital profile so you can successfully generate leads for your company.  What you may not know is exactly how to do that. We’ve put together a list of helpful tips for you to get started or to revitalize your current plan.

5 unique ways to generate online leads for your company


1. Create a Captivating Destination Website

While it may seem obvious, the importance of a captivating website is often overlooked. This is the best and most simple way to generate new sales leads. Make sure that your page is clear, clean, dynamic, and captures the essence of your brand.
Once consumers are there, you want them to stay and explore your page. Links to your landing pages within your website should be apparent and easily accessed. Don’t forget to include a page for data gathering as well.    

2. Content

You’ve given your page the right “look” that you want to gather leads. Now, it’s time to develop the content.  Be aware that having a spectacular design for your website is not enough. Again, it’s just the first step. The quality of your content is what will set you apart from your competitors. Here are three key things to keep in mind when creating content for your website.

  • Research – Gather information about your target demographic. Use this to determine how to most effectively reach them and meet their needs and goals.
  • Professional Copywriting – Given that this is such an important component of lead generating success, you may want to consider hiring a professional writer. If that is not within in your budget, be certain that your writing is professional and correct.
  • Be Original – Use unique copy, photography, video and other website assets that are specific to your company.  


3. Creatively Engage Leads

Once you have successfully drawn your target leads to your site, it’s important to engage with your new prospects and begin to build a relationship with them. There are some tried and true ways to do this that you should already be doing.
Things like emails and newsletters are now considered standard practice. However, you want something that sets you apart. Here are some particularly innovative ways to grab new sales leads.

  •  Podcasts/Webinars – Your potential customers are looking for the type of services you provide. You’re the expert. Podcasts give your audience the chance to learn about your services and engage with you while doing so, thereby beginning a relationship with you.
  • Online Discussion/Open Calls – Give your potential clients the opportunity to engage with you via an “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” online discussion or open calls. Provide topics ahead of time so you can strategically keep the conversation on point to meet your goals.   
  • E-booksCreate an e-book to discuss the trends within your industry. This will help showcase you as the expert on the topic to your audience. However, try to avoid over-selling your products and services.
  •  Follow/Mirror Trends – Pay attention to the hot topics in your industry and what others are saying. Armed with this knowledge you can create promotions, conversations, and events around these topics.

4. Be Purposeful

It cannot be said enough how important it is to “get to the point” immediately. Your lead generation efforts should all be geared toward that common goal. Outline your goals ahead of time and review each endeavor, holding it to that standard. While some things may be clever and innovative, they may not accomplish what you intend.

5. Create Cross-Promotions With Houston Digital Marketing Partners   

Creative promotions using these Houston digital marketing channels, as well as social media channels, with partners who help you meet your goals can prove uniquely successful as well. Promotion that keeps your future clients returning to your site is the objective. Promotion with a partner doubles your opportunity to reach new sales leads.
If you need assistance to boost your lead generation strategy, ITVibes is here to help. We offer web design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, brand management and other content management services. Contact us to get started today!