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Why Industry-Specific Digital Marketing Drives Better Results

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Brand Management, Houston Web Design, Lead Generation, Local Search Marketing, Online Marketing

Industry-Specific Digital Marketing

If you’re a business owner today in any industry, you most definitely have one goal – to drive conversions and turn a profit. In 2016, there are a plethora of marketing strategies from which to choose. “Going big” is no longer defined purely by giant billboard advertisements or clever TV commercials.
Today’s marketing strategies are more involved. Options include anything from print ads to word of mouth and social media mentions. At the heart of every solid strategy – no matter how big or small the company – is industry-specific digital marketing.

A Digital Marketing Strategy with Your Target Audience in Mind

You may be spending thousands on Paid Advertising Campaigns. Or maybe you choose to focus on Organic SEO Strategies only. Either way, you want to reach your niche audience. Your target audience should be those within the reach of your business who have an interest in your specific products or services.
Real estate agents, for example, should focus on reaching people that want to buy a home, sell a home or invest in a property within your service area.
Healthcare professionals should focus on reaching people who might need their specific services. This field should be broken down even further. Family Practitioners will need to find families to get in front of whereas a Physical Therapist might target athletes or those that have experienced a traumatic injury.

Marketing Business SalesWhy Industry-Specific Digital Marketing Makes Sense

Like any good business person, you are likely seeking the biggest ROI for your investment. Marketing dollars are precious. When you are able to allocate a portion of your budget to gain exposure and brand recognition, you want to be sure it counts! We all know that marketing efforts can be a gamble. Getting the right people to see you and what you have to offer at the right time means investing in something that may or may not yield the desired results.
Industry-specific digital marketing strategies increase your chances of reaching people at the exact moment they need to find you. You may reach a smaller audience altogether, but the people you do reach are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Isn’t it better to have 5 leads with a high likelihood of conversion than 1,000 leads with no conversion?
Carefully researched key phrases, along with social media and digital marketing practices tested and proven in your industry, are key to attracting and converting the right new customers and clients. You are sure to see a better return on investment!

Get Started with a Strategy for Your Industry

At ITVibes, we make it our goal to stay abreast of the evolving digital marketing trends in various industries. Our team knows what it takes for your business to gain visibility and a competitive edge in your industry.
Contact us to learn more about how to devise a Houston brand management and digital marketing strategy that will get you results!