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5 Landing Page Optimization Tips

by | Apr 23, 2019 | digital marketing, Houston Web Design, Lead Generation

5 Landing Page Optimization Tips, Landing Page Optimization Best Practices, Houston Web Design and Marketing, ITVibes

Landing pages are an essential part of your digital marketing strategy, especially your social media and PPC campaign. The main purpose of landing pages is to gain new visitors and increase conversions. In order to attract potential customers, you must optimize your landing page.
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Landing Page Optimization Best Practices

Your landing page design and user experience are essential for improving conversion rates. Whether you’re using your landing page to promote a product or service or for lead capture, there are five important elements to keep in mind.

  1. Influence Action
  2. Fewer Distractions
  3. Easily Gather Information
  4. Use Highly Engaging Visuals
  5. Homepage Design

1) Influence Action

The most important part of your landing page campaigns is your call to action. Make sure you write copy that uses action-oriented words that influence readers to take action. You want users to quickly understand what they are supposed to do. You should have call to action buttons or contact form fields on the top, middle, and bottom of your landing pages.

2) Fewer Distractions

While internal and external links are essential for pages on your website, landing pages aren’t the same. Your goal is to collect contact information so you want to eliminate distractions. You don’t need a navigation menu because that gives users more opportunity to leave the page. Instead, you want the only clickable link to be the contact forms and buttons.

3) Easily Gather Information

Since collecting contact information from potential leads is your primary objective, you want to make this really simple for page visitors. Your contact forms should be bold and simple– only include essential fields. If you only need their name and email address then make those mandatory and leave the phone number and other fields optional.

Pro Tip: People are more inclined to fill out contact forms within web pages when they are required to provide minimal information.

4) Use Highly Engaging Visuals

You want the user experience to be positive. This means using attractive, relevant photos or videos. If you design pools, share photos from your portfolio, if you offer training courses, share images of students in action. This will create trust between your followers and your brand, increasing the likelihood of them giving you their contact information. Consider incorporating contrasting colors throughout your page design to make your message pop! The better your landing page looks, the more likely you are to gain leads.

5) Homepage Design

Remember the homepage design of your primary website when designing your landing pages. The color scheme and overall aesthetic should match. If you can use the same header image in both your website and landing page, that’s even better. Don’t stray from your website design, you want to keep things uniform.

Designing a Landing Page to Generate New Leads

Many people think that creating a landing page is quick and easy. So many landing pages are made without using these optimization tips. While it’s not terribly complex, it is necessary to keep these landing page optimization best practices in mind when designing your landing pages.
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