3 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019


With 2018 behind us, now is the perfect time to see what is ahead for social media marketing trends in 2019. While many things will stay the same for marketers, there are new features on social media platforms and a growing interest in different ways to present content. Let’s dive in together as we explore a few trends that are getting attention in the new year.

3 Social Media Marketing Trends Your Business Should Adopt in 2019

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  1. Video Content
  2. A Growing Use of Chatbots
  3. Social Commerce

Video Content – Vertical & Live

With the majority of people accessing social media through their mobile device, it’s no surprise that vertical videos are becoming the new way to shoot live content. So, don’t be afraid to grab your phone and capture a moment in vertical mode — your audience will love it even more!

We have all seen and most likely used live video features on Facebook and Instagram, but this year, it’s dominating the way people interact with each other on social media. Use this powerful tool to share your company’s most memorable moments in 2019.

Live Chat & Chatbots Are Being Used More

Ok, so it’s not a new way of communicating online, but what was once used rarely, is now commonplace. According to Hubspot, messaging apps are one of the top ways a buyer wants to connect with a business.

Not only are followers using private messenger to talk with brand representatives, but marketers are also using chatbots to automate responses. This means many businesses are bridging the communication gap with auto responses to let people know their questions are not going unanswered. Try it out for yourself and see how chatbots can work in your favor!

Pro Tip: Is it hard for you to find time to respond to social media messages? Use chatbots that will generate a custom auto-response to users so you never miss out on a conversation and save time from replying to each inquiry separately.

The Ability to Buy on Social Media

Although Shoppable Instagram has been out for a little while, the platform has only developed it more since its launch. And, in 2019, more brands than ever before are using it!

Once your business account is linked to a product catalog, you can tag items straight from Instagram Stories to allow users to directly purchase the product without ever leaving the app. If your company has a storefront, this is a HUGE opportunity you should take into consideration this year.

Getting Ahead of the Curve

As a busy business owner, your time is valuable and most likely pulled a million different directions. A professional SEO Agency can help you sort through your social media marketing goals and execute them successfully this year!

Remember to take advantage of the new features large networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are pushing out to jump-start your social content!

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