Social Listening Strategy Do's and Don'ts

Did you know that over 3.48 billion people are using social media? For digital marketing, that means that nearly 45% of the entire world is online. Those people are ready to receive content from their social networks, but not just any content. 

That’s where your social listening strategy comes in.

To succeed in any marketing plan, you have to figure out what your audience cares about. Once you can engage in conversations relevant to your business, you’ll be able to build the awareness of your brand. 

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To provide content your audience cares about, you can use a social listening tool or market research to monitor your accounts. By meeting your audience where they’re at, you can maximize the amount of time you spend engaging. Make sure your social listening strategy is headed in the right direction with these actionable tips.

Social Listening Strategies to Avoid

DON’T wait to research and strategize. The first step of any social listening strategy is the research phase. Before you start engaging with your customers, determine your goals and turn your focus toward what will build your recognition.

DON’T overlook the SEO advantages. Yes, social media listening involves SEO, too. Find linkless mentions on blog posts or related websites, and ask the authors to add your link to boost your Google ranking.

DON’T underestimate your influencers. Having a personal face to talk about your brand is crucial to succeeding in today’s culture. Using social listening tools, identify the influencers who can best promote your brand through their channels. By reaching out to influencers and starting a campaign geared towards their followers, you can maximize your marketing reach.

DON’T be afraid of upset customers. When Facebook or Twitter users are complaining about a product, there is a perfect opportunity for you to build trust for your own company. If they have problems with your product, own the issue and provide a solution. However, if it’s your competitor’s product, use the contact to reach out and share how your brand is a better choice.

Pro Tip: Social networks are known for being conversational, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for laziness. Be sure to maintain professionalism in all of your customer interactions.

Social Listening Strategies to Follow

DO track incoming trends in your industry or niche. By paying attention to what your audience is interested in, you can create social campaigns that matter. Discover what your brand’s competitors are doing and then customize it for your company.

DO find people interested in your service or product. Most social listening tools will allow you to search for specific keywords to find new customers. Find conversations that relate back to your product and then initiate contact with leads who are ready to buy.

DO respond quickly to mentions. Social listening includes your ability to respond in real-time to any tag or brand mention. By being readily accessible to your customers on social media, you can build your reputation and increase loyalty.

DO transform your marketing strategy. Social listening shouldn’t be an optional part of your content strategy. In order for you to create content that continues to be relevant to your business, you have to keep monitoring the conversations. By staying in touch with your clients’ needs, your entire marketing plan can be routed in the right direction. 

Increase Your Engagement Rate

If you’re trying to revamp your business’s social media plan, start with social listening. By finding relevant conversations and determine what’s trending in your industry, you can design a marketing plan valuable for your audience. 

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Ashlee Vaughn

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