Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Grow Your Business With Marketing Automation

Imagine being able to see qualified prospects and their contact information, nurturing those leads, producing automated sales tasks, and receiving analytics based on customer behaviors. With ITVibes’ marketing and sales automation, this can be a reality for your sales team. No more cold calling or targeting audiences that aren’t interested in your products and services. Marketing automation takes the work out of email campaigns and converting lead captures into valued customers.

Our marketing automation services include:

  • Strategy development
  • Email templates
  • Triggers
  • Mapping automated processes
  • Building workflows
  • Monitor tasks
  • Ongoing tech support
  • Campaign analytics & ROI reporting 

Who Can Benefit From Marketing Automation? 

If your company sells products and/or services to other businesses (B2B) then you can utilize the advantages marketing automation provides. The CRM system picks up on IP addresses generating from businesses and relays their contact information to your dashboard. In one convenient place, you can see all of your prospects and decide which are the best to act on. No more second-guessing and uncertainty–marketing automation will generate, manage, track, and report all of your qualified leads.

Ready To Automate Your Sales Funnel? 

We have an expert team with the industry experience needed to begin strategizing, building, and managing your company’s sales funnel. If you’re ready to experience what marketing automation can do for your business, contact us today!

Need more information? View our marketing automation services below.

Lead Capture

Get qualified lead contact information

Lead Nurture

Manage leads throughout the buying cycle

Sales Alignment

Align sales & marketing teams

Email Analytics

Get actionable email analytics