Lead Nurture

Lead Management

Lead Management 

What is lead nurturing? It’s the process of moving targeted leads through the buying cycle by providing information, answers, and regular communication. This process of caring for leads builds a rapport and level of trust with potential customers that they feel can’t be found elsewhere.

Accurate and effective lead management is necessary for users to eventually convert into sales. Using easy and automated email marketing, workflows, and triggers, can give interested customers the information needed to follow through with your products and services.

Email Marketing
Send automated email campaigns
Work Flows
Create specific tasks and drip campaigns
Triggers and Filters
Target users with segmented interests and actions

lead management

Why Should You Nurture Online Leads?

Once you have lead capture information of potential customers, it’s time to nurture those contacts down the sales funnel! You can’t convert a prospect without proper techniques that will both entice and inform them. By personalizing emails and creating effective triggers, your leads will quickly be on their way to becoming a loyal customer.

How can our lead nurturing services benefit your business? 

-> Make email marketing automated
-> Move leads closer to the conversion process
-> Build a trusting relationship with users
-> All of your sales automation in one place, one software, one login
-> Examine email analytics and reports in easy-to-read formats
-> Increase ROI rates

We Can Help Manage Your Leads

Don’t have time to nurture your leads? No worries–we can help! Initially, we will develop a marketing automation plan that best portrays the workflow you intend to send users through. From there, we can automate similar messages and target to specific lists, groups, or individuals based on their position in the buying cycle. Our lead management services include:

-> Email Marketing – With dynamic emails, send unique content to each recipient, from one workflow. Based on your leads’ specific attributes, interests, and actions, be personal and relevant automatically – with no burden of manual email customization.

-> WorkFlows – Our experienced staff can help you strategize and create a set of workflows that match your company’s needs. We can develop multiple different steps to test and see which workflow produces the best results for each specific situation.

-> Triggers – Triggers kick off your workflow to segmented users, then filters further segment and target your users by their specific actions and interests. SharpSpring has all the triggers and filters you need to control your automation tasks and get one-to-one with your users.

lead management

Lead Nurture

Get qualified lead contact information

Sales Automation

Align sales & marketing teams

Email Analytics

Get actionable email analytics


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