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Using Ebooks To Capture Valuable Leads

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Marketing Automation

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As a key player in the development of a business, you are always looking for new creative ideas for generating leads. But not just any lead–they need to be qualified and have the potential to become a valued customer. Using a marketing automation program can help you with capturing and nurturing leads, but there are numerous methods for success. How do you know which is the best route for your business? One tried and tested technique is through ebooks.

Capturing Leads Through An Ebook Form

By offering a user relevant information, you can grab their attention while enticing for more along the way. Since your preferred customer is already seeking the type of content found in an ebook, adding a form gate gives you a qualified lead while providing the customer with critical knowledge.

What’s The Advantage?

There are many alternative strategies for generating leads through a website including offers like white papers, podcasts, webinars, and free trials. So, what’s the advantage of an ebook over these other techniques?

  • Control over the type of information disbursed as well as the tone in which it’s presented.
  • Customers find you versus you seeking out customers, which often comes across as hard selling.
  • It’s inexpensive–you can write and produce an ebook in-house.
  • More in-depth than a blog article, yet less overwhelming than a webinar. Information overload can lead to disinterest and exhaustion.
  • Useful and practical tips that your audience is actually interested in.
  • Just because it’s called an ebook doesn’t mean it has to contain only text. Switch it up by adding audio and video links, captivating images, and interactive content such as a quiz or survey.
  • Ebooks provide the perfect platform for an immediate call to action. In one click, you can direct readers back to your website or social media page where additional content like how-tos, coupons, and checklists are located.
  • Best of all, ebooks are trackable! Every time someone downloads an ebook from your website, they are funneled into a lead nurture process where every click is tracked and measured.

Tips For Developing An Ebook

At first, it may seem overwhelming to create your own ebook. You not only have to write the content but also implement a creative template with graphics and images that portray your brand and the topic discussed. It can be a time-consuming task but with a little practice and these tips to get you started, we are confident that you can make it happen.

  • Use existing content as a basis for writing an ebook. Go through your company’s blog articles and web content to get inspiration for new ebook content.
  • You don’t have to use a fancy software program. PowerPoint has everything needed to develop an ebook. You can even grab a pre-made template to keep a consistent theme on every page. When you’re finished, simply convert the PPT file to a PDF.
  • Search for free ebook templates online. Many companies offer free downloads of pre-made templates to make your job faster and easier.
  • Research ebooks produced by marketing companies to get your own design ideas. Start by taking a look through our ebook page.
  • Don’t let images hang you up. There are several free and paid sites that provide stock images for commercial use. Here are a few to get you started:

Bring Value To Your Audience

Starting a marketing automation strategy can be exciting and daunting at the same time. You may be ready to jump on board with a program that gives your team the power to save time, provide more value, and automate tasks. However, how will your tactics work? You need to start with quantified methods that produce trackable outcomes. Developing ebooks on your website as a means of capturing leads could be your solution. If you need more help with writing ebooks and establishing a marketing automation plan, contact us. We have experts in SEO who can give you the time, dedication, and knowledge to produce actionable results.