COVID-19 & the Future of Office Technology

COVID-19 & the Future of Office Technology, ITVibes, Spring, TX

The pandemic has affected every part of our lives. Perhaps the most significant impact has been felt in the workforce. Between changes to the normal work routine and the significant increase in time spent working from home, we’ve all felt it.
One rarely-discussed impact of COVID-19, however, is its impact on office technology and how we view it. Several of these changes will likely last beyond the pandemic and become part of many people’s new normal. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how the pandemic has changed the way we view technology in the office.
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Virtual Team Meetings

With the sudden increase in people working from home, virtual team meetings have become a staple of the workday. Reliable phones, webcams, and internet connections are more critical now than ever to facilitate team communication. And with many offices planning to increase work-from-home time in the future, these virtual meetings will continue playing an essential role. Office managers will need to ensure their employees have reliable access to the technology that allows these meetings to take place, both in an office environment and while working remotely.

Outsourcing More Services

For other businesses, outsourcing certain tasks now makes more sense economically. If profits are decreasing, it may make more sense to pay a freelancer or part-time worker outside the business than to hire another full-time employee. Some companies have discovered that outsourcing more creative jobs, like marketing, to an external team protects their own employees from creative burnout and gives them more time for other work. And with the rise in remote communication, staying in touch with a remote freelancer is as simple as it’s ever been.

Website Maintenance

Online shopping has skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic. And with more and more people visiting a business’s website, a company’s online presence has never been more important. The software in-house maintenance teams have been using is no longer adequate for some. As online traffic increases, plenty of businesses have upgraded their website’s platform, management system, or both to continue giving customers a good experience. Others have outsourced this work entirely. Either way, a new approach to website upkeep is required.

The New Normal

Regardless of your industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted you in ways you may not realize. Take a closer look at the changes to your routine and how your employees are coping. You may have to make more changes than you’d thought.
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