Boost Your Brand Awareness with Engaging Video Content

Are customers seeking your product or service able to find you on Google? Is your brand’s social media gaining any traction? Potential customers that are seeking an answer to a problem they’re having are in the marketing funnel’s awareness stage of the buyer’s journey. With a solid video marketing strategy, you can entice your target audience and present your brand to new users.

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How do you raise awareness for your brand with video content marketing?

The kinds of video content you produce to build your brand’s awareness will be based on your target audience, individuality, and what your results tell you. Anyone can use video in their marketing campaigns–it’s about how you grab the audience’s attention and hold onto it. Here are some tips to creating awareness boosting video content:

  1. Attract Your Community
  2. Use Awareness Stage Marketing Tactics
  3. Make a USP (Unique Selling Point)

1) Attract Your Community

It will take someone on your landing page 0.05 seconds for them to decide if they stay or leave. By featuring a video on the page, you’re more likely to grab the viewer’s attention and get them to listen to what you have to say. Use videos in your email marketing campaigns to get more opens. You can do this by creating catchy subject lines with the video’s call to action. Different social media platforms have different formats for video; Instagram has square videos, Facebook videos can be vertical or horizontal, and TikTok uses vertical videos that are shorter in playtime. Test out different platforms and see what your audience responds to! 

Pro Tip: Autoplay can impact website load time–it’s best practice to upload each video as a user clickable hyperlink with an engaging custom thumbnail. 

2) Use Awareness Stage Marketing Tactics

As a company trying to build your brand’s online presence, you want to look at the awareness stage as your first impression on a target audience. Because potential customers don’t already know your brand, you’ll want to explain who you are and what you do in a short and sweet explainer video. Using explainer videos and testimonial videos go hand in hand with each other; your viewers learn about the product or service and then have social proof from satisfied customers in the form of a testimonial. Things like testimonials and free demos help viewers to trust your service before having to try it for themselves. In the long run, this will make them more comfortable in the decision-making process. 

3) Make a USP (Unique Selling Point)

What makes you different from your competition? Your unique selling point (USP) is whatever distinguishes you from your business. For example, Death Wish Coffee is “the world’s strongest coffee“. To create your USP, you need to understand where your product and company fit into the market, and what makes your service or product different from its competition. Define whatever it is and use it creatively in your videos to build that brand awareness.

Using Video to Grow Your Brand

Before easing customers into the consideration stage, and long before the decision stage, you need to capture their attention while they are searching for you and your competitors. Use these awareness stage marketing tips to boost your brand awareness by capturing attention online with video content.

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Alanah Beebee

Alanah Beebee is a Web Content Writer at ITVibes, Inc. She received her B.A. in Mass Communication from Sam Houston State University with an emphasis in film. Alanah found her love for writing throughout her years in college writing essays and research papers, and outside of school while writing film scripts, short stories, and song lyrics. Outside of writing, she enjoys playing guitar, filming and editing YouTube videos, and making polymer clay sculptures.