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The Crucial Importance of Web Design

The Crucial Importance of Web Design, ITVibes Design & Marketing, Spring, TX

Maintaining a professional appearance in the business world is important to boosting your reputation and encouraging others to regard you as a leader in your field. And in spite of the safe advice to “never judge a book by its cover”, most people do just that in and out of the workplace. But this logic doesn’t end with how well you observe a respectable dress code. Does your business website present a professional image?

Even if your business is an industry leader, a poorly designed website could harm your online reputation. After all, if your own website looks ugly or constantly experiences technical problems, how can your clients trust you to do any better when providing services for them? Without a doubt, a well-constructed website is an important step to your business’s ultimate success.

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Technical SEO

A website might look pretty, but without a reliable backend, it’s not much good. Does your website load quickly? More importantly, once that website loads, does it work correctly? Does everything load the way it should and give visitors the information and functions they need? These considerations are part of technical SEO, a rating that determines how well your website functions. And the lower your score is, the more likely customers are to get tired of waiting for a page to load and try a competitor’s website. Provide your clients with a cohesive website with quick loading times and excellent behind-the-scenes work.

Professional Appearances

Someone who showed up to an interview in their pajamas would be very unlikely to get the job. Even if they’re the most qualified candidate, their appearance does not demonstrate professionalism and their attitude toward others’ professionalism is thus called into question. The same attitude applies to websites. Even if your business is an industry leader, a boring or unprofessional website won’t inspire confidence in professional customers. For an example of a real-world leader making this mistake, look no further than the Yale School of Art’s website. This prestigious art school ironically has one of the ugliest mainstream websites on the internet! Don’t make that same mistake. Choose eye-catching but professional designs and colors for your website.

Pro Tip: Professionalism looks different in different industries. See what other experts in your industry consider to be professional and pattern your website after their recommendations.

Ease of Navigation

When a visitor comes to your website, how much time do they have to spend looking for everything? Website navigation is an important part not only of your design, but also how your clients view your business based on your web presence. For instance, if a visitor wants to contact you but struggles to find your contact page, they may consider the hassle to not be worth it and go to your competitor instead. Alternatively, if you advertise a particular service but then make its corresponding page hard to find, you’re likely to end up with frustrated customers who no longer want what you were advertising. Give your customers a simple, streamlined experience on your website to encourage them to stay.

Give Your Business the Advantage It Needs

In an internet-driven world, your business’s website is an absolutely critical part of your overall strategy. And it does you no good to create a beautiful website with unusable menus or a well-coded website that looks cheap. Work with an expert marketing team to find the right balance of appearances and functionality for your web presence.

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