Important Principles to Remember for an Optimized Website

Increasing your sales and online visibility depends on how much work you put into your website. And there’s no single most important thing to focus on! Even a website that ranks highest for your chosen keywords could drive customers away if it looks outdated or clunky. How can you strike the balance and produce an excellent website that increases your sales?

Several key principles will help you keep your website ranking high and your customers interested in what you have to offer. None of these are necessarily more important than the other–without putting significant effort into all of them, you can’t expect to see results. Let’s take a closer look at several of the more important concepts to keep in mind as you optimize your website.

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Keep Providing Fresh Content!

The saying “Content is king” still rings true. However, a more accurate saying might be “Fresh content is king.” Your readers will notice if you keep recycling the same blog posts and points over and over again. There’s nothing wrong with rewriting or resharing older pieces if you have new information or updates to add. However, putting minimal effort into your sharing or rewriting efforts just comes across as lazy to your audience. And your audience will notice! Give them new or entirely updated content instead of expecting them to continue clicking on the same article time and time again.

Pro Tip: Browse your competitor’s websites and research influencers in your industry for content ideas. There’s always something new to try.

Pay Attention to Technical SEO

Let’s say you searched for tickets to a new movie and clicked on a particular theater’s website. The website loads…and continues to load for several seconds. You have a perfect internet signal and no other windows you have open are stalling similarly, so this isn’t a problem on your end. Chances are, you’ll get impatient and try another theater’s website to buy tickets. The first theater has just lost a potential sale from you because they failed in technical SEO.

Of course, loading time is the most obvious technical SEO failure, but not the only one. What if the theater’s purchase page is broken or unsecured, putting your payment at risk or double-charging you? What if you’re buying tickets on a mobile device and the website doesn’t fit on your screen? Whether you’re selling movie tickets or just advertising through your website, you simply cannot afford poor website design or programming. Consumers will notice and go to your competition for a better online experience.

Target Local SEO

If your business has a physical location, you should focus on targeting potential customers within a reasonable distance. Continuing our movie theater example, no one travels out of state only for a particular theater when there are perfectly good theaters closer to them. Show your customers why you’re the best in your industry and in their area. Your appeal should be based as much on your physical location as your prices, services, or product line.

Learn more about local SEO here.

Improve Your Website, Improve Your Brand

Your website is often the first real impression of your brand potential customers will get. Make sure it’s a good impression! Use strategic SEO implementation and engaging content to keep your website ranking high and always of interest to your client base.

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Christina Belbas

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