Which Video Marketing Trends Are Affected by COVID-19? | ITVibes

Which Video Marketing Trends Are Affected by COVID-19?

Which VIdeo Marketing Trends are Affected by COVID-19? ITVibes

It’s interesting how much has changed in the world of digital marketing since covid started. Content creation trends of all kinds have seen big changes in how they engage, communicate, and share with an audience. For video marketers, certain trends have been greatly impacted by COVID-19.
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Research shows that videos that retain customers’ attention can increase purchases, click rates, and engagement. The biggest challenge is creating content that captures the attention of the average person searching for your product keywords. Your marketing team will see the following trends in their video content with the right marketing strategies:

Product Videos Increase Purchases

Video content can drastically increase your product traffic and sales. You can create how-to videos on using your product or give a behind scenes of your company video to show your audience. Those who are staying home are more likely to make purchases online after coming across a video related to their search terms.

Video Search Results Have a Higher Click Rate

Videos have a pretty high chance of being on the first page of Google’s search results. With all the COVID-19 messaging from businesses being the same, it’s preferable to click on a video to watch. If you include video in your content marketing campaign, you’re sure to get more clicks. 

YouTube Consumer Usage is Increasing

Among other video-focused social media platforms, YouTube is seeing a spike in usage during the era of the covid-19 pandemic. More face to face services are switching to the digital world by creating videos on their channels. Investing in video advertising is a good idea for digital marketers during this time.

Video Marketing in the Era of Covid

Once you get a hang of video marketing during covid-19, you’ll be able to manage your content marketing more effectively. Now is a good time to understand how to advertise your brand through videos on social media. This way you’ll reach your target audience and build your brand’s online presence.
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