The 3 Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes


Whether you are just starting a business social account or you’ve had a presence for some time, there are certain guidelines to follow when marketing your brand online. There are three major social media mistakes that are commonly made by marketers. The good news? You can easily avoid these blunders by following some simple tips.

Mistake #1: Leaving Out Personality

Is your business Facebook page lacking personality? If you are focusing too much on sales and not enough towards making connections, your audience may lose interest. Social media is not meant to be a place for gathering sales. Although you may get some leads, it’s designed to build relationships and trust among past, present, and future customers.

Insert your brand’s personality into your page by making fun and interesting posts. Tell your audience what’s going on in your company, showcase its style, and don’t be afraid to stand out!

Mistake #2: Not Listening To Your Audience

Ignoring comments about your business is a huge social media marketing mistake! Social media is a platform created to connect, talk, and interact. Listen to what your customers are saying! Both good and bad feedback can help you grow and tweak services based on what your audience is asking for.

Mistake #3: Limiting Your Content

Are you focusing all of your marketing efforts towards one type of content? Big mistake! People want to see different visualizations and get engaged in unique ways. Try switching up the content being posted on a weekly basis. Need some inspiration? Here are some ideas.

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Quotes
  • Blog Articles
  • Polls and Quizzes
  • Fill in the Blank Posts
  • Ask a Question
  • Highlight a Review
  • Give Something Away (Either Free or a Coupon/Discount)

Helping You To Succeed

The end goal of social media marketing is to gain more audience viewers, get people engaged, build brand loyalty and develop relationships. Take a detailed look at your business Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn page. Use the guidelines above to get started on a successful social site!

If you need additional help managing your social media load, contact ITVibes. Our professional team has the SEO knowledge and experience to get your business the results it needs.



Alyssa is a web content writer and SEO manager at ITVibes in The Woodlands, Texas. She graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in print journalism and psychology where her passion for writing evolved. Now she uses that talent to help people grow their business online. Alyssa enjoys spending time with family, warm summer days, and reading new books.

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