How to Leverage Social Media in Your Email Marketing Strategy


In digital marketing, the most successful campaigns are those that are integrated. Simply sending a newsletter or having a website does not set you apart from the competition, and it certainly won’t give your company enough recognition from search engines. Instead, bring all of your strategies into one cohesive plan that will make every effort that much more impactful.

Combining Social Media and Email Marketing

If you are sending email campaigns without a social media strategy behind it, you are missing opportunities. Consider utilizing these ideas that will intertwine your social networks with newsletters to deliver one powerful message.

1. Social share buttons

2. Invite people to join

3. Give an incentive

4. Retweet section

Add social share buttons to your email campaign

One of the easiest ways to begin? Add links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to the emails sent out. Most programs already have this enabled; switch out the URLs and choose which icons you want to display. It’s that simple.

Encourage newsletter sign-ups on social media

Need more email contacts? Make a post to social media that urges followers to sign-up for your newsletter. But, remember, simply asking someone to enlist won’t be enough. Tell them it’s free and what can be expected from joining. What kind of content will they see? What will be discussed?

Provide an incentive

Some business owners get scared with the word “incentive” and hate giving away money for a contest. Good news — you don’t have to. Consider offering a feature in the next newsletter when social followers sign-up online. Or, give a consultation (which you probably already offer for free) to a new email enlister who shares and likes your post. Get creative and don’t feel obligated to give away huge prizes. Followers will enjoy the engagement aspect while still getting something out of it.

Use a retweet widget in your email

Choose one part of your email that would get people talking and turn it into a retweet section. Some programs have a widget you can install, but you can also use a button that links to Twitter. Making it easy for people to share content will give your social media marketing that much more of an edge over the competition!

Consult an Expert

Integrating social media and email marketing is only one part of the puzzle. There are many moving parts to a digital marketing strategy and having an expert by your side will ensure it operates effectively. Contact ITVibes, a professional SEO Agency, to start watching your business soar!



Alyssa is a web content writer and SEO manager at ITVibes in The Woodlands, Texas. She graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in print journalism and psychology where her passion for writing evolved. Now she uses that talent to help people grow their business online. Alyssa enjoys spending time with family, warm summer days, and reading new books.