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3 Ways To Humanize Your Brand on Social Media

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Social Media

3 Ways To Humanize Your Brand on Social Media, ITVibes, Houston

Does your social media content sound more robotic than human? Followers will catch on to fake sounding posts that don’t resonate with them, which can lead to unfollows and less engagement.
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We are all human.

Wondering why your diligent marketing and SEO efforts aren’t leaving an impression? Reevaluate your content. If it sounds unrelatable or too much like a marketer, you could be losing valuable followers.
We are all human, and in this day and age, that’s something we don’t see enough. Start with these ideas:

  1. Bring your team to the forefront
  2. Make a window into your brand
  3. Respond to comments and messages

1. Show off your employees.

Celebrate your team with posts from birthday lunches, work anniversaries, high accomplishments, and a job well done! When people see that your company cares about its employees, they will understand how that extends to customers as well.

2. A window into your brand.

Everyone wants to see the unique side of your business, especially on Instagram where posts are image-generated. Here are some social media marketing ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

  • New client? Snap a photo and thank them for trusting you with their business.
  • Bring your pets to the office and post a collage of the furry friends’ visit.
  • Decorate your space for the holidays and show it off online.
  • Always take photos at work-related events and share them with your audience.
  • Pizza order during a meeting? Everyone loves a food post!

3. Respond to comments and messages quickly.

Many brands don’t utilize social media to its potential. While maintaining a consistent content schedule is essential, it’s also important to let users know there is a human behind the computer. Respond to comments, answer messages, and share content from other companies — they will often follow you and share your posts as well!

Pro Tip: Facebook rates your brand partially on how fast it responds to messages. Make sure you are diligent with responses by replying the same day with an answer and contact information.

Help from an SEO Agency.

The next time you take to social media, just have a conversation with your audience. Discover their interests and concerns — make them feel appreciated and heard. Need assistance from an experienced team of digital marketing experts? Contact ITVibes today.