Gearing for the Future of Social Media Marketing

The impact of social media apps like Facebook and Instagram on your everyday life is hard to ignore. From shopping deals to family updates, having the world in the palm of your hand can be thrilling and helpful. If you’re like over 50% of the global population, social media use is growing exponentially, making marketing a huge player in the digital field. What is the future of social media marketing, and how should you prepare your marketing strategies?

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Marketing through social media networks is no longer optional for businesses to grow. If you want to build your brand, reach a wide customer audience, and improve your customer service department, social media should be an integral part of your marketing efforts. To compete in your industry, be sure to stay updated with the latest social media trends, especially if you want your success to extend beyond 2020.

Beat the Social Network Algorithms

Knowing how social media networks work should be the first step of your marketing plan. Where video content may reign supreme on certain networks, user-generated content may find more engagement on others. Use social media marketing tools to find out what kind of content your target audience values and start redirecting your strategies. While social media algorithms may change every year, posting relevant content will continue to keep your brand at the top of the user’s feed.

Target Millennials & Gen Z

It may be hard to believe, but Millennials now have the largest buying power, with Gen Z following close behind. If your marketing strategies aren’t targeting this next generation, you might as well say goodbye to your brand’s future.

Unlike traditional social media methods focusing on likes and follows, the new wave of consumerism finds value in your brand’s voice. How do you portray yourself through Facebook or Instagram posts? How are you different from the million other brands online? As years pass by, your authenticity will matter more than ever in your social media marketing, especially for the next generation of buyers.

Pro Tip: Millenials know that social media can spread fake news like wildfire. Commit to honest headlines and verified information to maintain the loyalty of your followers.

Stop Following Old Ideas

Paying attention to what doesn’t work in social media is just as important, if not more, than knowing what’s trending in your market. In the early days of social media, marketers tended to focus on likes and pushing out constant content. Today, with influencer marketing taking over user’s feeds, businesses are finding higher ROI by looking at the overall engagement rate instead. If you want to succeed in the years to come, it’s crucial to stay away from the outdated social media ideas.

Digital Marketing Beyond 2020

Between the relatively young age of the internet and ongoing social media updates, the future of digital marketing isn’t exactly concrete. With augmented reality making waves in retail and Instagram stories giving us an inside look behind big companies, it’s safe to say technology is here to stay.

What ways are you gearing up for the future of social media marketing? Connect with us on social media to share your best strategies!

Ashlee Vaughn

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