The Top 3 Benefits of Social Media for Business Marketing


If your business still hasn’t jumped on the social media train, you are already behind. Although most companies by now have adopted social media pages, many aren’t using it or don’t find value in it. Does this sound like you? It’s ok; for many, social media for business marketing is just a buzzword that doesn’t hold much meaning. But, we’re here to change that!

You need to use social media for business marketing now.

Although the advantages of social media marketing are far beyond what we can put here, these are the top ones:

  1. Branding
  2. Build Customer Loyalty
  3. Search Engine Rankings
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Grow your brand’s recognition.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn business pages are a way for current customers and potential ones to see your brand. It’s a channel that showcases who you are, what you believe, your products and services, and so much more.

Build customer loyalty.

Want people to remain loyal and come back to you time and time again? Social media is the perfect place to build relationships and nurture users through the buying cycle. Follow other businesses, reply to comments, keep up with messages, and interact with others.

Search engines love social media.

Want to inch up in the search engine rankings? Maintaining a consistent social media posting schedule can help. Google recognizes social pages and uses it as a signal that your brand is credible and trustworthy. Also, by using keywords in posts, hashtags, and the about sections on Facebook, search engines can relate your services with those phrases people are searching for.

A strategy that stands out from the competition.

As a business owner, you may not have the time or resources to successfully market your brand on social media. ITVibes has a professional content team who can make a strategic plan that builds your brand recognition and develops loyal followers. Contact us today and watch your business soar to success!



Alyssa is a web content writer and SEO manager at ITVibes in The Woodlands, Texas. She graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in print journalism and psychology where her passion for writing evolved. Now she uses that talent to help people grow their business online. Alyssa enjoys spending time with family, warm summer days, and reading new books.