Social Media Marketing Boosts Local Search Engine Optimization

Your product or service is not what you say it is. It’s what Google and people say it is. 92% of the consumers start with search engines and social media recommendations to research local businesses in Houston, The Woodlands and surrounding areas before making their buying decision. Social Media promotions and campaigns are driving the next generation search optimization that helps position your Houston Website Design on Google and other search engines’ top pages. Google changes it’s search algorithm as often as 3 months. They are making it more personalized and streamlined to create better social search experience to their consumers (you and me).

Connecting and engaging with local consumers increases brand awareness, the reputation of your business and will help to drive sales. The ability to reach out to your audience on a personal level is vital. Social media also helps to create loyal followers who will become marketing advocates of your brand through word of mouth online.

Social Media is directly tied to search engines

Viral content strategy creates back links, and local exposure. Blogs and user generated content are important for both search engines & Social Media. More content = more chances to show up on search engines.

Social interaction and engagement drives search rankings. Comments, votes, likes, shares and any other Social activity creates brand optimizaiton. Inbound links are vouchers from external sites confirming to search engines that your content is valuable. Media sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and slide share are already part of Search engine rankings and all the content created on these sites get optimized. A tweet containing a link gains popularity across the community and also gets more ranking as Google does crawl, index and count.

Social + Search = Dominance

Inorder to achieve the industry lead using Social Media, it’s important to have strategic planning in place based upon your specific business goals, marketing targets, target audience, growth plan and sales expectations. It stats with the creation and management of the most effective social media outlets relative to the business’ target market reach. Utilizing the right platforms with good content optimization create effective ways to reach your targeted groups and expanding your circle of influence (also termed as Social Reach).

Social Media is not a revolution. It’s evolution. Take advantage of the change to attract new generation customers.