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Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business Now and After COVID-19

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by | Apr 13, 2020 | Online Marketing, PPC

March – April, as the financial comes to an end, a new year starts when all the key business decisions, strategies and growth plans are decided. 
Given the current pandemic situation, a lot of companies are closing down businesses, allowing their team to work from home/remotely, or are simply waiting for the tide to pass. This unforeseen situation has led to a lot of people moving to online space. 
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With a lot at stake and every penny being measured before it is spent, digital marketing may be the least of your priorities. 

Hold That Thought!

With fear and uncertainty affecting all businesses in general and digital marketing in particular, the next couple of months are very crucial. With almost no face-to-face meetings happening in the near future, digitally reaching them is a sure way out.
Digital Marketing Guru – Neil Patel says’
But what I’ve learned from going through two crashes (the dotcom crash in 2000 and the real estate crash in 2008) is that the best time to double down is when others are not.
If you own a small business and sell from a brick and mortar store, now is the time to go online.  Reach out to a lot of people by setting up your business on Google My Business. Upload photos, add services, business hours, and product information for Google Map searches. People ‘googling’ your keywords are more likely to find your business when you have a completely optimized Google My Business account. 

Pro Tip: With traditional stores taking a hit now, setting up an eCommerce store is both easy and a definite way to reach out to the people who are at home and trying to shop online.

While setting up your store online, you can still promote your business now. Social media marketing and SEO are essential for a successful campaign. 

Digital Marketing Strategies for Short Term Goals

    1. Focus on your immediate goals. Making any long-term plans in the prevailing circumstances will be disastrous. 
    2. Since a lot of people will not be traveling, it is better if you focus your ads locally within say 20 to  25 miles, so it is easy to drive by.
    3. Almost everyone is online today, making bid adjustments on devices will help you use the budget effectively. 
    4. Reduce your Ad spend budget but do not stop it. When the competition is low, bid higher and increase your brand awareness. 
    5. Based on the industry, a shift is seen in the search queries that display the ads. Evaluate the negative keywords and search terms and adjust the key terms accordingly
    6.  The majority of your target audience are at home, so reach out to them from where they are, start building your followers, post relevant articles that interest them and keep them engaged.
    7. Build your brand. Keep your social followers up to date with constant updates on news that they need to know. This will lead to the audience that are loyal and would convert in the long term.
    8. Be sensitive to your audience, the tone matters.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Long Term Goal

  1. Give it a few months before you make any major plans
  2. The situation will improve and businesses will have clarity of thought.
  3. With the effect of brand promotion, you will have enough audience for remarketing. Target them first.
  4. Widen your reach– move from familiar locality to broader reach.
  5. Start running ads on Youtube, reach to the top converting audiences.

Advertising online may sound complicated, and you may be hesitant to do it. But promoting your brand to the audience that needs it can happen quicker with paid campaigns. Paid ads provide improved conversions in the long run. 
Reach out to our team for any questions about online marketing. 


Be sensitive to your customers, with such a major pandemic, globally the economy is down. There may not be an appropriate plan in the near future to help all. But this will improve and business will flourish again.
Every time the business goes down, it takes a few months to pick up and double again.