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The Role of Videos and Images in SEO Today

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Content Marketing, Social Media, Video Marketing

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You can’t get on your phone, tablet, or computer without seeing them. Videos and images have always played a massive role in web marketing. People will save, share, and discuss videos and images they’ve seen on a daily basis. Almost any search results often link related videos and optimized images.
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Videos go viral. You’re more likely to get clicks on a news story if it’s got a video attached and a great picture to draw the reader in. Pictures and videos go viral quickly on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Any good marketing strategy will take advantage of visuals such as short videos and high-quality images. SEO today wouldn’t be as valuable without the use of images and videos.

Human Connection to Video

Why do people watch videos? What is it about them that generates the clicks, shares, and likes? It’s because videos trigger an emotional connection. The purpose of a video is to gain some sort of reaction. This is important for SEO because videos that are popular will generate more attention to the page from which the video was posted. Social media is always pulling up new videos and images for you to view based on the content’s target audience. Search engine results lead to YouTube videos a lot of the time, making YouTube SEO more popular with the demand for brand awareness and content marketing.

Pro Tip: Oftentimes, video content that evokes some sort of emotion from the viewer is the content that goes viral.

Images for a Visual Generation

Some images can be incredibly powerful and add critical clicks to a blog post or article. If we see something we like or something we need to know more about, we are going to click the photo that drew us in to be taken to the linked web page. A popular form of gaining views, clicks, and site traffic in general, is known as click bait. This is particularly popular on YouTube. Influencers on the website are known for adding images, somewhat related to their video, that are over-exaggerated. They do this along with an engaging title that grabs the viewer’s attention. This kind of imagery is a powerful tool for gaining clicks from just about anyone passing by.  

The Role of Digital Imagery & Video in SEO Today

Imagine you’re looking for a certain news story in a hurry. You don’t have time to skim through the text to make sure you’ve got the right story you were looking for. This is where images and videos come in handy. Google searches, a majority of the time, give you the option for related videos and images. You’re more likely to click on a link that has an image clearly relating to the story you’re looking for when you’re in a hurry. You’d also be more likely to click on an article that has “video in the description”.


The role of videos and images in SEO today is important to marketing services. Video searches will continue to progress and images will continue to help rank the videos higher. Marketers can use videos and images to their advantage, as they increase their chances of virality. Videos and images, in general, are more well-received than just plain text documents with no form of visual.
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