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How to Create Infographics for Your Business

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Content Marketing, Lead Generation

How to Create an Infographic for Your Business, ITVibes, Digital Marketing, The Woodlands Near Houston, TX

Infographics have become an increasingly popular digital marketing tool. In order for your infographic to be successful, you want it to be equally educational as it is attractive. If your infographic isn’t useful to your target audience, then you’ve just wasted time creating it. Graphic designers, content creators, and business owners can all follow the same guidelines for making an outstanding infographic.

Creating Infographics to Generate More Traffic

Creating an infographic from scratch in Photoshop is certainly possible, but also the most time-consuming option, especially if you have little to no graphic design experience. Luckily, there is a lot of drag and drop software online that includes free infographic makers and infographic templates so that you can make your graphic as quickly and easily as possible.
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  1. Stay Focused
  2. Less is More
  3. Go With the Flow
  4. Stick to Your Theme
  5. Include Contact Information

1) Stay Focused

From pie charts to bar graphs, it can be really easy to get pulled in a million different directions during the creation period. However, it’s essential to stay focused throughout your graphic; this will ensure that your information is easy to digest for an easily distracted generation. If your focus is video marketing, make sure you stick to that topic throughout your entire graphic. It’s perfectly okay to include helpful info about blogging or social media, as long as it pertains to your main point: video marketing. Also, if you’re using external sources, don’t forget to give them credit! 

2) Less is More

When it comes to your infographic design, keep in mind that less is more. You want to have attractive, eye-catching graphics with less text. Your images should do a good job of representing your data so that the entire infographic flow makes sense. Check out this infographic below:
How to Create an Infographic for Your Business, ITVibes, Digital Marketing, The Woodlands Near Houston, TX

3) Go With the Flow

Similar to writing blogs, or video scripts, your infographic should have a natural flow. Where do the viewers’ eyes go when they first look at the graphic? Is your information flowing in chronological order? 

Pro Tip: If it’s difficult to tell the order of your infographic, consider using arrows or lines to tell the reader where to go next. 

4) Stick to Your Theme

When it comes to creating a professionally designed infographic, choose a color scheme, font style, and design that mesh well together. Stick to 1-2 font styles and colors that are easy to read. Ideally, you want your infographic style and design elements to match your website. 

5) Include Contact Information 

Lastly, don’t forget to include the necessary information in the footer of your infographic! This includes your business name, website, address, email, and phone number. You should also add clickable social media icons so that your viewers can easily follow your business. 

Using Infographic Tools in 2019

Whether you want to share your infographic in a blog post, on social media, or both; it’s important to follow these tips for a high quality design. With all of the easily accessible online tools, you don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to make data visualization that attracts new leads.
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