Don’t Forget These 4 SEO Components of Your Content Campaigns!

Don't Forget These 4 SEO Components of Your Content Campaigns! ITVibes Design & Marketing, The Woodlands, TX

You have a lot to think about as you launch a new content campaign for your website. Between brainstorming, meeting deadlines, and more, you may not think as deeply about SEO considerations as you probably should. Remember, SEO for content campaigns involves much more than just optimizing for keywords and phrases. What else do you need to consider?
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SEO for Content Campaigns

Search engine optimization affects every page on your website and nearly every factor on those pages. As you work to churn out new content quickly, SEO becomes an even larger factor in every page you publish. Pay particular attention to your SEO strategy in these portions of your content:

  1. Basic page features
  2. Images
  3. Embedded links
  4. Sharing and visibility

1) Basic Page Features

It’s surprisingly easy to overlook simple page features in favor of more advanced optimization. That doesn’t make the simple features any less important, however! Make sure you hit all these basic components before moving on to the harder ones:

  • Page title: include your keywords if possible and create a catchy title
  • Meta description: optimize a preview of your page to include your keyword and get your audience interested

Depending on your website host and building tools, other basic features will vary. Take the time to find out what applies to you and how to optimize your website’s other basic needs before focusing on advanced work.

2) Images

The usage of images in your content is twofold. First, a quality written piece will inevitably contain several pieces of visual content. But just as you shouldn’t overwhelm your readers with images in a text-based post, you should also give some thought to how those images affect your website’s technical side. An HD image may look impressive, but it will also slow down your page’s load time significantly and harm your technical SEO score. Compress any images you use and make sure not to overdo it.
Second, consider how text in or near your images affects your keyword rankings. Remember, Google can’t search text embedded in a JPEG. Don’t stuff your infographics with keywords and expect it to help your ranking! Instead, optimize your images’ titles and alt text descriptions to include keywords, your page title, and other relevant information. Google can rank your page based on this text, rather than what your infographic actually says.

3) Embedded Links

How many of your pages and blog posts does this new article link to? In addition, consider how you can link this new piece to other pages in the future. Incorporating this new page into your site will firmly establish its place and help boost its visibility.

4) Sharing & Visibility

Encourage your readers to share your content if they like it! Display social media links prominently on the page and ask for a share. Even if social shares aren’t your primary focus, free publicity is always good! You can also make sure your appearance on social media is a good one by optimizing your title, meta description, and content for viewing on social media sites.

Pro Tip: Website builders like WordPress offer plugins to help you display your content on social media. Take advantage of these tools to create an excellent user experience and optimize your shares!

Make Your Content Campaign Visible

You could be writing the best content on the internet, but without a strong SEO strategy to back you up, few people will ever see it. SEO is an essential part of any content campaign. By paying special attention to how the search engine results page ranks you and how you can change the results, you can drastically improve your online visibility and get your content campaign off to the right start.
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