5 Steps to the Perfect Blog Outline

Do you find yourself struggling with writer’s block each time you sit down to get a blog post out? The issue may be that you’re not outlining your writing before trying to compose it. Content marketing requires an effective and strategic way of producing blog posts.

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Are You Outlining Your Blogs Correctly?

So you think you’ve got enough of a rough idea to produce a blog post this upcoming weekend, but when you sit down to write your posts you find yourself struggling to write anything at all. It may be a good idea for you to create a blog post outline! Anyone can create an outline, but it takes some essential steps to make sure you get the best out of your content each time. 

  1. Dive Into Topic Research
  2. Outline Your Document
  3. Save Useful Information
  4. List Important Details
  5. Go With the Flow

1) Dive Into Topic Research

The writing process can’t begin without a subject to write about. Choose your topic that you will be writing your blog post on and start searching for related post ideas and topics. Consider ideas that will work best for your search engine optimization and keyphrase strategy.  

Do your keyword research thoroughly to find competitors and see how they are ranking higher on search engines. What keywords and phrases are they using? What tone of voice works best for the topic? 

2) Outline Your Document

Once you’ve made an organized brain dump of your ideas, it’s time to get the key points laid out. Create the post title, subheadings with the subtopics, an introduction statement and how you will end the blog. When you see these things in front of you in order, it’s much less overwhelming to begin the writing process. Your outline will look something like:

  • Title
  • Introduction
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  • First Subtopic
    • Main Point
  • Second Subtopic
    • Key Point
  • Pro-Tip
  • Conclusion
    • Call to Action

Pro Tip: Use bullet points in your blog writing process for breaking things down into easier to read segments.

3) Save Useful Information

Consider the most important points that you get across to the person reading your post. Keep useful sites from influencers or competitors you’ve bookmarked to get ideas from. Sometimes it’s helpful to copy and paste the information you want to use into your document and then delete it once it’s written in your own words. (We’re doing this to get an idea–not plagiarize!)

4) List Important Details

The key points that you wrote out earlier will need to be placed strategically throughout your post. Think about the call to action you’re going to use in the blog post and where you want to place it before you actually start writing. You should see more ideas begin to come to you as you’re listing these key details. 

5) Go With the Flow

When it’s time to write, remember to keep writing and find your rhythm to the end of the blog. By the end of your outline, everything should come together easily and should make sense before being written. If something stumps you along the way, move along with the process and make a note to come back to it once you have more information to provide.

Subheading Conclusion

Having an outline to guide you is crucial towards completing a well-written blog. If you follow these steps with close attention to detail, the blog writing process will become much more natural to you over time.

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Alanah Beebee

Alanah Beebee is a Web Content Writer at ITVibes, Inc. She received her B.A. in Mass Communication from Sam Houston State University with an emphasis in film. Alanah found her love for writing throughout her years in college writing essays and research papers, and outside of school while writing film scripts, short stories, and song lyrics. Outside of writing, she enjoys playing guitar, filming and editing YouTube videos, and making polymer clay sculptures.