Tips for Responding to Negative Comments on Social Media

Seeing a negative post appear on your Facebook timeline often makes you wonder what created such an angry customer. When you’re running multiple social networks and see a negative comment on a recent post, how do you respond?
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How can you respond professionally to negative social media comments?

Unsatisfied customers sometimes leave misleading comments on your social media if they haven’t reached out to you personally first. There are times when customer complaints come about for your audience to see on social media platforms. 
Knowing how to respond to these scenarios professionally will show that you care about your brand’s audience. When you need to, use these tips for responding to negative comments on social media:

  1. Respond with Customer Service in Mind
  2. Transition to a Private Message
  3. Personalize the Response 
  4. Don’t Delete Comments
  5. Highlight Positive Comments 

1) Respond with Customer Service in Mind

When you have a solid social media marketing strategy, your team should have an understanding of customer support for these situations. Emphasize the importance of refreshing your customer service skills to your team. 

2) Transition to a Private Message

You don’t want any kind of conversation to be public when responding to a negative comment. Respond in a timely manner and suggest a private message instead. 

Pro Tip: By switching to a private conversation, the user can explain their issue to you directly.  

3) Personalize the Response

If the user who left a negative comment reaches out to you directly, make sure to personalize your messages to them. Put yourself in their situation, it’s not the best feeling to only get an automated response.

4) Don’t Delete the Comments 

It’s advisable not to delete negative comments on your posts unless they’re harmful, or spamming your page. In that situation, you can block the user from commenting on future posts. 

5) Highlight Positive Comments

With or without any negative engagement, be sure to highlight positive comments on your social media posts. Show your audience that you care and appreciate their loyalty to your brand.

Responding Positively to Negative Comments

Responding to negative comments on social media can seem daunting, but it’s good to know how to handle them. Set up a great social media marketing strategy and encourage your team to respond to these comments accordingly.
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