Keeping Customers While Social Distancing: 7 Simple Ways

How has the recent social distancing guidelines affected your business? If you’re like many companies, essential or non-essential, new customer traffic has plummetted and employees are having to learn how to adjust. In today’s world of technology, though, there is hope, Keeping customers satisfied is still the priority, even if they’re at home.

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7 Ways to Help Existing Customers

Even if your business has closed or your customers are staying at home, customer satisfaction should remain your goal. The present circumstances may affect your business activities, but your customers will be back. Make sure you’re using this time of uncertainty to grow your business, even if it’s from the comfort of your own home. If you’re unsure what you can do, start with these 7 simple ways to keep your customers happy!

  1. Optimize your online presence
  2. Promote special offers
  3. Enhance your social media accounts
  4. Offer your services remotely
  5. Host an online event
  6. Reevaluate your business listings
  7. Seek new opportunities

1) Optimize your online presence

More than ever, buyers are searching online and browsing for specific products or services. During economic uncertainty, investing in search engine optimization is key to keeping your brand on top. Use this downtime to boost your online presence so more customers can find you in the future.

2) Promote special offers

Your customers will remain loyal to your business, even if they’re at home. How can your business provide assistance during this time? Promote special offers of your products if you offer essential services or partner with a local organization to get involved in your community.

3) Enhance your social media accounts

Social media has become the prime spot for users to connect with family and receive news updates. If your business doesn’t already have social media, this is the time to create an account and reach out to customers. Even after the COVID-19, your followers will remain and keep up with your business.

Pro Tip: During a crisis, it’s important to adjust your social media strategies. Make sure your posted content is relevant for the current situation.

4) Offer your services remotely

Can your services be shared online? From e-commerce solutions to video chat meetings, your business structure will have to navigate remote options. Find out how your business can increase customer interaction.

5) Host an online event

Have you noticed more brands utilizing Zoom and Live Streams? Now that most states have implemented “stay-home orders,” increasing the number of online events. Host an upcoming webinar, concert (if you’re a musician), or online game!

6) Reevaluate your business listings

Social distancing offers a great opportunity for your business to improve your customer acquisition process. Make sure your business contact information is accurate on all of your business listings and local directories to ensure future customers can find you.

7) Seek new opportunities

How can your business innovate? Content marketing strategies are key right now to make sure your business stays relevant to your audience. Continue to seek new opportunities and adjust your procedures to your customer’s needs.

Growing Your Brand During COVID-19

Even after the end of social distancing, customer satisfaction should remain the goal of every business. While the climate has changed, there are practical ways for you to retain customers and help your business survive.

How is your business responding right now? Connect with our digital marketers to learn more customer retention strategies! 

Ashlee Vaughn

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