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How Inbound Marketing is Changing the Construction Industry

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Brand Management, Industry Solutions

Inbound Marketing for the Construction Industry, Houston, TX

Inbound Marketing for the Construction Industry

Technology has changed the way we do business. This theme almost breaks the internet as savvy business owners try to keep up with this evolution and what it means for their business. No matter your industry or trade, it is likely that you have seen rapid changes over the last several decades in the way people are doing business with you. The construction industry is no exception.
You may have a hard time relying on people to use the phone book to find general contractors and construction companies to help them with their projects. (Do people actually use those anymore?) In an age dominated by Google, you are more likely to be found online, if you’re found at all. When your potential customers start canvassing the internet for a general contractor or construction company to handle their projects – trust me, you WANT to be found! But, in a sea of businesses and individuals with the same services, how is this possible? That’s where inbound marketing for the construction industry comes in.

How Inbound Marketing is Changing the Construction Industry

More and more construction firms realize the value of inbound marketing strategies to boost their visibility and generate leads. Because it works.  
Even some of the oldest and biggest construction companies in the world are investing in inbound marketing strategies to keep their brand elevated amongst the growing competition. They see the world changing around them and recognize the need to evolve to either maintain status quo or gain an additional boost in business while retaining loyal customers.
If you haven’t embraced inbound marketing for your construction company, it’s time to hop on board. Inbound marketing is changing the construction industry and you don’t want to miss this train!

Inbound Marketing for the Construction Industry: What’s in the Bag?

Your inbound marketing strategy begins even before you’ve had a single conversation (a phone call or email) with your potential customers. The relationship starts when you introduce yourself to people googling “construction companies” online. Thus, you can be the single best contractor or construction company in Houston, but if you can’t easily be found online, how will they know?
Here are some great ways to get started with inbound marketing for the construction industry:
Thought Leadership: Bring your consumers who are actively searching for information to you. Present yourself as an industry expert, which is always important for consumers when they’re choosing where to purchase their big purchases. They need to be able to trust the company they’re buying from. To gain their trust, create educational content and avoid sounding like a salesman. You can create videos, construction case studies and surveys to build your reputation in the Houston construction industry.
Blogging: Your company should blog consistently to attract attention of consumers as well as peers within the construction industry. Blogging is one of the most popular industry solutions for professionals across the board. With blogs, you can provide valuable information to customers that they are looking for, thus attracting them to your website for a solution.
Social Media: Customers in this day and age love to interact with one another. They need their information to be interactive in order to keep their attention on whatever it is they’re looking at. Using social media, your firm is able to directly communicate with customers, potential employees and construction professionals. It provides a quick and easy way to send updates and allows you to quickly respond to any questions or comments your customers may have.
SEO: Think about when you search for something on Google. You most likely don’t go past the first or second page. Help your company get more eyes on your web content by utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) to help rank your page in the top search results.
Leverage Events: Think both virtual and live events to help your company stay active in building and maintaining your relationships with your customers.
Word of Mouth (WOM): When you create good content, people will start to talk. It’s inevitable. If a consumer finds the information that you’re putting out interesting and compelling, they are likely to discuss it and share it with their peers. WOM is one of the most traditional forms of inbound marketing for the construction industry, but it too has evolved. Today, people turn to their social media connections to find out who is the latest and greatest in their fields.

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