7 Reasons to Weave Your Organic SEO and PPC Strategy Together

Combine Organic SEO & PPC Strategy for Best Results ITVibes

Online marketing is a potent toolbox for boosting earnings, enhancing brand visibility, and seizing a larger market slice. Among its renowned elements, organic SEO and PPC are often seen as distinct, standalone tactics. This has led to the prevailing notion that SEO suffices, rendering PPC redundant. Yet, data and stats challenge this belief.

Optimal Together: Uniting Organic SEO and PPC

When it comes to the age-old debate of earned search results versus paid ads, the answer isn’t an either/or; it’s both! Instead of isolating them as distinct marketing avenues, the real magic unfolds when you merge SEO and PPC into a cohesive strategy. Let’s explore the advantages of harnessing the synergy between these two powerhouses:

  1. Enhanced Visibility
  2. Synergistic Collaboration
  3. Shared Keywords for Impact
  4. Precision Keyword Experimentation
  5. Targeted Retargeting
  6. Amplified Website Traffic
  7. Skyrocketing Conversion Opportunities

1) Enhanced Visibility

Crafting a strategic SEO plan requires patience, often spanning 3 to 6 months or even longer to secure a coveted first-page ranking. Conversely, a meticulously designed PPC campaign can expedite your presence in this prime real estate. Yet, the real enchantment happens when a user discovers your presence on the first page through both organic results and a paid search ad. This dual presence exudes credibility and reliability to the user, significantly increasing the likelihood of them choosing to engage with your business.

2) Synergistic Collaboration

Why start from scratch repeatedly, especially within your own organization? Frequently, what proves effective in PPC can seamlessly translate into SEO success. Pay keen attention to the ad copy that yields the highest conversion rates and allow it to guide your SEO approach. Focus on refining not only your meta descriptions and title tags but also the content of the pages you aim to boost in rankings. Organic testing of titles and meta descriptions can be a protracted process, but with PPC, results manifest swiftly. Seize this opportunity!

3) Share Keywords for Impact

Likewise, allow your SEO and PPC keyword strategies to intersect and leverage each other’s research and outcomes. This approach equips you with a wealth of data to analyze, helping you identify the keywords that drive the most conversions. By seamlessly integrating your organic SEO and PPC keyword strategies, you pave the way for the ultimate optimization of your comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

4) Precision Keyword Experimentation

As mentioned above, it can generally take considerable time to see results from your SEO strategy.  PPC, on the other hand, affords you the ability to test variables and receive meaningful results much more quickly. This means you can use PPC to test if new keywords for organic will drive conversions or not. Taking note of what keywords are working well in PPC will inform how to adjust your organic strategy.

5) Targeted Retargeting

What occurs when a user clicks but doesn’t follow through with a conversion? Or when they search but don’t actually visit your site? It’s a common scenario – people get sidetracked and lose their focus easily. They might even forget about your presence when they’re finally prepared to make a purchase. Don’t allow these potential conversions to slip away. Initiate a well-informed retargeting campaign targeting those who have explored your website or expressed interest in your products and services through their searches. This strategy not only strengthens your brand recognition but also generally enhances conversions across all platforms.

6) Amplified Website Traffic

Boosting your presence in search results directly amplifies the flow of visitors to your website. It’s important to note that clicks, on their own, may not guarantee revenue, but they are an essential precursor to conversions. The synergy of PPC and organic SEO is key here, as they collectively generate more website traffic than either can achieve in isolation.

7) Skyrocketing Conversion Opportunities

As the clicks to your website surge, so does the likelihood of conversions. When executed effectively, both organic SEO and PPC have the capacity to draw highly promising prospects to your site. Together, they create a formidable partnership for optimizing your conversion prospects and revenue potential.

Achieving Optimal Digital Marketing Results

As a wise business owner, you excel at extracting maximum value from every dollar invested, a key factor in your success. This approach extends to all facets of your business, including marketing. In the realm of digital marketing, a potent strategy involves the integration of your organic SEO endeavors with a targeted PPC advertising campaign. Together, they wield a combined impact greater than the sum of their individual efforts. This synergy translates into a healthier bottom line for you.

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