Fitness Marketing: 10 Ways to Use Social Media to Build Brand Awareness

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Fitness clubs are naturally social environments. One of the biggest benefits of going to the gym over working out at home is the ability to make social connections while you’re there. Due to the very social nature of a fitness environment, building brand awareness via social media only makes sense.
Here are some incredibly easy (and fun!) ways to incorporate social media into your fitness marketing plan.

How to Incorporate Social Media into Your Fitness Marketing Plan

This list is by no means extensive – there are endless ways to get creative with using social media in your fitness marketing strategy. But the ITVibes Content Team got together to brainstorm and these are a just few of our favorites:

  1. Take photos at your next group yoga class and post with a question “What’s your favorite yoga pose?”
  2. Create a Members Only private group centered around your Facebook page where people can connect for encouragement and accountability.
  3. Post blog articles to educate your audience with fitness tips from the experts, healthy recipes, proper exercise techniques and more.
  4. Share inspiring success stories from members who have reached challenging goals.
  5. Create Facebook events to share your class times with a broader audience.
  6. Take a 20-30 second video of one of your trainers demonstrating how to use a particular machine in the weight room.
  7. Hold a Q&A – feature questions from your social media audience and answer them in a “Live” Facebook video.
  8. Video an entire fitness class and post to YouTube as an example of what you have to offer.
  9. Have your guests check-in and attach a selfie from their workout that day.
  10. Hold a competition centered around a certain class or activity and give a prize at the end. For example: Most weight or body percentage lost after a 4-week cycling class.

How to Get Started

Getting started with social media can sometimes be overwhelming if you haven’t used this type of marketing for your fitness club before. But the truth is that no matter what fitness environment you operate, your members will expect it! At ITVibes, our team is highly skilled in all aspects of social media marketing. Contact us for more great tips on how to incorporate social media into your fitness marketing strategy.