Building Great Relationships Through Social Media

In digital marketing, building relationships with your customers through social media is a must. Your audience is most likely using social networking to stay up to date with their favorite product or service. If you want to have relationships with your audience, you’ll want to appear on those social channels.
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How can you build long-lasting relationships with your social media audience?

Having great relationships on social media can improve your business’s bottom line. Consumers want to spend more time on your social media when they feel more connected to the brand. These tips can help you to build great relationships with your audience through social media:

  1. Be Responsive
  2. Show that You’re Human
  3. Create Online Events
  4. Don’t Ignore Feedback
  5. User-Generated Content

1) Be Responsive

If there have been many comments on some recent blog posts from a user repeating the same question, it’s probably best for the brand to respond asap. Respond to comments quickly so that you’re part of the conversation. 

Pro Tip: If a discussion on a single post between your brand and the user continues for too long without getting anywhere, try transitioning it into a private message instead.

2) Show that You’re Human

Pay attention to the tone of voice that you’re using online to practice empathic marketing strategies. Help users to understand that your page is run by another human being.

3) Create Online Events

Having your audience tune in to a scheduled live stream or giveaway is a great form of social media marketing for your business. Get followers excited about events you’ve created online!

4) Don’t Ignore Feedback

Be sure to regularly shed light on the positive feedback you get on your social media. Respond to feedback and even negative comments, making sure you know how to reply appropriately.

5) User-Generated Content

You can inspire your followers to create their own content that promotes your brand. Try this on Twitter by having your audience use a brand-specific hashtag to promote engagement.

Establishing Great Relationships Online

Building stable relationships with your followers on social media is crucial for brand visibility. A loyal social media audience will boost your brand’s sales and help you to rank higher on search engines. 
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