3 Effective Communication Tips with Your Global Team

by | May 8, 2020 | Team Building

In an increasingly tech-based world, working with a global team is not uncommon. The opportunity is exciting and gives your team a chance to learn, but it doesn’t come without a new set of challenges. 
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How to Get Your Point Across to Your International Team

What are you doing to take advantage of the opportunities that come with working with teams around the world? How are you navigating the difficulties? It’s important to stay connected and be understanding of diverse backgrounds and experiences when collaborating with coworkers in other countries. 

  1. Get on the Same Page
  2. Consider the Time Zones
  3. Embrace Different Cultures

1) Get on the Same Page

Good communication with remote employees starts with face-to-face virtual meetings or conference calls. It’s important for everyone to be on the same page so people working aren’t doing the same tasks or missing opportunities and letting things fall through the cracks.

Pro Tip: Zoom or Google Hangouts are awesome platforms to connect with your remote team.

2) Consider the Time Zones

If you’re working across multiple time zones, when you’re eating breakfast, your team could be going to bed. Respect other timezones by only calling team members at appropriate times. While an email serves as a dropbox for messages, instant messages and calls could wake up remote workers in the middle of the night. When managing a global team, team leaders need to be respectful of personal time across various time zones even when working from home

3) Embrace Different Cultures

Another essential consideration is the diverse cultures. It takes unique communication skills to embrace other cultures while meeting remote teams were they are. Rather than trying to get your point across from your background and culture, try to understand where your team is coming from. While this is a major communication hurdle, you also want to be sensitive to different holidays and religious values. 


The IIoT has led to many teams working together around the world. Whether your company hires freelancers in other countries or has an entire team working from another timezone, there are bound to be communication issues. It’s key to be understanding and respectful of various backgrounds and cultures while staying in contact on a regular basis. 
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