Tips to Get More Views on Facebook Videos

Getting views on your video on a Facebook page can be a top priority for some brands. Your social media marketing plan should consist of enticing video content that increases view count, thus boosting your brand’s traffic. 

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How can you get more views on your Facebook videos?

You can get more views on your Facebook videos by creating consistent content in a format that works for your brand. Try these tips on your video content for more views on your Facebook page. 

  1. Keep Your Content Consistent
  2. Make Videos Compelling Even Without Sound
  3. Grab Your Audience’s Attention–and Hold Onto It

1) Keep Your Content Consistent

Be consistent in the types of video content you add to your Facebook page. If you post square videos as part of your video marketing strategy, stick to that format instead of switching to an aspect ratio of 16:9 all of a sudden. 

Pro Tip: Uploading your video directly to Facebook will receive more views and shares than a YouTube video link.

2) Make Videos Compelling Even Without Sound

A whopping 85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound off! This means if your video isn’t optimized to be watched and understood without sound, users will probably keep scrolling. Create videos that are optimized for mobile devices. 

3) Grab Your Audience’s Attention–and Hold Onto It

If you’ve been posting content on social media for a while, you probably have an understanding of who’s watching your videos. Think about what will capture the attention of your target audience in the first few seconds of your video. What will pique their interest? And what will keep them hooked?

Boosting Your Facebook Video Views

At the end of the day, you’ll get more views on your Facebook videos by putting in the hard work. Try to build a relationship with your audience and pay attention to how they respond to your content. 

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Alanah Beebee

Alanah Beebee is a Web Content Writer at ITVibes, Inc. She received her B.A. in Mass Communication from Sam Houston State University with an emphasis in film. Alanah found her love for writing throughout her years in college writing essays and research papers, and outside of school while writing film scripts, short stories, and song lyrics. Outside of writing, she enjoys playing guitar, filming and editing YouTube videos, and making polymer clay sculptures.