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How Social Media Can Boost Your SEO Ranking

by | Mar 25, 2021 | search engine optimization, Social Media

How Social Media Can Boost Your SEO Ranking, ITVibes Web Design, Spring, TX

If search engine optimization is tethered to the quality of website content and functionality, is posting on social media networks necessary? In other words, does social media affect SEO? This question has been asked a number of times, especially for business owners who may not see a lot of engagement on their own social media profiles. To answer these questions, it’s important to understand the relationship between social media and your website in general.

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Yes, there is a relationship between your social media posts and how well your business pops up for certain keywords. While Google has denied the ranking factors of social networks, there seems to be a consensus within the SEO community that begs to differ. Let’s discuss three different ways social media can indirectly affect your business’s search engine rankings.

Increased Web Traffic

One of the top goals of search engine optimization is to increase the amount of traffic that is directed to a website. Because Google’s algorithm is focused on highlighting content that is both relevant and popular, more traffic will inevitably increase your chances of getting to page one of search results. In that way, then, social media can be an easy way to increase traffic by sharing posts. With every share, you can expand your reach, and in turn, boost the traffic to your website.

According to Chhavi Agarwal, “If your audience is engaging with your content, they are most likely going to share it, which gives it more visibility. That increased visibility means your content is more likely to be found and read by people who can link to it.” Thus, the cycle continues and websites receive the benefit.

Profiles Rank in Search Results

In recent years, social media platforms have found their way to search engine results. Instead of just being confined to the individual platforms, a business’s social media profiles are just as visible in branded search results, often near the main website. This presents an opportunity for a business to increase visibility and give users multiple avenues to learn about their products and services.

Feedback Impacts SEO, Too

Another benefit of social media that is often overlooked is the feedback of social media shares. Linking to blogs or website content is great, but if users aren’t engaging with your content, there’s a problem that needs to be addressed. The solution can come when looking at the analytics. What are the click-through rates? What is your bounce rate percentage? How long does a user spend on a page? According to DataBox, “…you can improve these metrics by testing and measuring interactions on social media.”

By understanding what posts get the highest engagement, you can optimize your SEO efforts to better meet the needs of your audience. Once you find what type of content that works, you can create a digital marketing strategy that enhances both social engagement and search engine ranking.

Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

While digital marketing has a number of tried and true methods, optimizing your social media is one of the easiest ways to expand your reach and start directing customers to your website. By posting content that is relevant to your business, you can ensure that you remain an expert in your field.

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