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Introducing the New GMB: Google Business Profile

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Google My Business, Google Search, Local SEO

Introducing the New GMB: Google Business Profile, ITVibes

Google recently announced that it is renaming Google My Business to Google Business Profile, opening up a door for new features for small business owners. 

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Have you been using Google My Business for your local maps listing? With the rebranding of GMB to Google Business Profile, your ability to edit your business listing will change slightly. Get an inside look into how this Google update will affect you and your profile.

GMB Rebrands to Google Business Profile

Google’s recent change to GMB was made in an effort to simplify the management of business profiles on both Google Search and Maps. To put it simply, Google My Business accounts are now known as Google Business Profiles. In addition, the Google My Business dashboard will be discontinued and replaced by what is known as the Business Profile Manager.

Many SEO experts aren’t fully sure how business owners and marketing professionals will be affected by this change. Google has a history of rebranding to introduce new updates to the functionality of its tools, and this update looks to be no different. While new features are now available, it looks like this rebranding is a way for Google to streamline the GMB listings and hopefully, increase the likelihood for businesses to claim their listing.

New Updates for Your Business

Some of the most notable features and updates accompanying the Google Business Profile launch are related to Google Maps and Search. With this new update, business owners who are signed in with their linked email address can now make changes directly from the Google Maps app or Google Search browser. As the business owner, you can:

  • Claim your business listing
  • Verify business listing
  • Send and receive messages from customers
  • Respond to reviews
  • Answers questions from the Q&As
  • Create posts
  • Upload photos showcasing your business
  • Edit your business information such as category, address, or hours of operation

Have You Claimed Your Listing?

Google’s profile listing is one of the easiest ways for potential customers to find your business. In addition to listing your products and services, you can enhance your local SEO ranking and expand the service area for your business. If you haven’t claimed your business listing, we recommend you search for the name of your business on Google or within the Google Maps app, and follow the steps as listed.

Get Found on Google Faster

One of the biggest advantages of setting up your Google Business Profile is online visibility. With this rebrand and update, the ability to set up and manage your listing is easier than ever, helping to increase the likelihood of your business showing up in local search results.

Do you have an optimized Google Business Profile? Get in touch with our SEO team in The Woodlands for practical ways to ensure your local business has the tools it needs to succeed.