Creating a Killer Facebook Marketing Strategy

Creating a Killer Facebook Marketing Strategy ITVibes, Inc.

What does your brand’s Facebook marketing strategy look like? Do you stay active and know the best times to post? It’s important to constantly share content when marketing on Facebook and understand which types of posts to take advantage of on the world’s biggest social platform.

When followers visit your website, it’s likely they will check out your Facebook page as well. Most social media users are on Facebook, as are most businesses. You can greatly improve your marketing efforts by creating a Facebook business page and using Facebook insights for your brand.

Keep Things Local

Social networks are a great way to connect with your local community. You can share local events, posts from local businesses, and collaborate with other brands like yours. This is a great way to boost your organic reach by gaining an audience from other followers. 

Create Events

Facebook users can be invited to events which will help them feel more connected with your brand. You can host virtual events like workshops or have in-person events at your store. Get your audience ready for events by posting in them ahead of time as reminders. 

Pro Tip: Facebook groups are also a great way to find your target audience!

Share Reviews

Your Facebook audience is likely to have an opinion of your product or service if they’ve used it. Create a call to action for your audience to leave reviews about your company. Once you have some great five star reviews, share them with your audience on social media

Putting Your Facebook Marketing Strategy Together

Now that you know the types of content to target your audience within your Facebook marketing strategy, it’s time to schedule your posts. It’s a good idea to use these pieces of content at least once a week to build brand awareness.
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