13 Virtual Holiday Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Do

13 Virtual Holiday Ideas You'll Actually Want to Do, ITVibes, Spring, TX

Christmas is around the corner and with social distancing protocols still in place, you may be looking for a fun and safe way to celebrate. While it may not be the same as visiting a shopping market or having an in-person gift exchange, virtual activities are on the top of every person’s mind this year. Whether you’re planning a holiday party for your employees or entire family, we promise one of these virtual holiday ideas will be a hit with your group.
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Fun Virtual Ways to Celebrate Christmas in 2020

Office parties and holiday performances may be canceled, but that doesn’t mean Christmas has to be canceled altogether! Our team has gathered some of our favorite holiday activities that you can experience online or safely in your home. Take a look at these virtual holiday ideas to get your friends and family in the Christmas spirit.

  1. Live Video Chat with Santa
  2. Plan a Happy Hour: Cocoa Edition
  3. Be a Secret Santa
  4. Play a Virtual Bingo Game
  5. Participate in a Holiday Recipe Exchange
  6. Attend a Virtual Craft Workshop
  7. Watch a Christmas Baking Class
  8. Have a Holiday Movie Marathon
  9. Shop Online at Houston’s Nutcracker Market
  10. Plan a Virtual Christmas Party
  11. Track Santa from the North Pole
  12. Video Call a Family Member
  13. Make a Collaborative Playlist

1) Live Video Chat with Santa

Do you have kids who believe in Santa? With Santa The Experience you can schedule a block of time to have a one-on-one video call with ole St. Nick himself. Complete with screenshots of the experience, you and your family will be able to visit Santa in a whole new way.

2) Plan a Happy Hour: Cocoa Edition

There’s nothing like setting aside an hour to drink hot chocolate with your coworkers. While the standard happy hour may be out of the question, you can schedule a virtual office break with by video chatting and sharing a cup of hot cocoa together!

3) Be a Secret Santa

Looking for a fun way to implement gift exchanges in your family or office? Make a list of everyone’s names and exchange mailing addresses to send gifts through the mail!

4) Play a Virtual Bingo Game

All ages love an exciting game of bingo! Create your own cards or create your own through a free online generator to entertain your family, friends, or coworkers. It’s the perfect way to have a little friendly competition, especially if you get a reward for the winner!

5) Participate in a Holiday Recipe Exchange

When it gets cold outside, one of the best ways to stay warm is by trying out a new recipe! Whether it’s a special dessert or savory soup, trading recipes with your community is a great way to get into the holiday spirit while staying safely at home.

6) Attend a Virtual Craft Workshop

It may not be the same as attending in person, but this year, a lot of craft experts are hosting virtual workshops to teach you something new! Search online or explore Eventbrite’s calendar for workshops that would interest you.

7) Watch a Christmas Baking Class

For most people, Christmas is a perfect time to bake cookies, pies, and everything sweet in between. Discover new creations or baking recipes worth trying by visiting a baking class favorite – The Butter Book.

8) Have a Holiday Movie Marathon

Not all holiday traditions have to be complicated. Celebrate Christmas with your family and friends by having a virtual holiday movie marathon! With Netflix Party, you can watch one of your favorite Christmas classics at the same time as your friends.

9) Shop Online at Houston’s Nutcracker Market

In our city, one of the best things about Christmas is the Houston Ballet’s Nutcracker Market. With vendors from all over the country, it’s the perfect place to get your loved ones a special gift. While the in-person event was canceled, you can attend the market virtually from the comfort of your home until December 11th.

10) Plan a Virtual Christmas Activity

While virtual holiday parties don’t always go as planned, you could celebrate the holidays with all of your remote employees by planning a fun online activity like attending an online concert or playing virtual holiday party games through Zoom

11) Track Santa from the North Pole

Santa is on the move. If you have kids, tracking Santa’s travels from the North Pole can be exciting all the way up to Christmas day. 

12) Video Call a Family Member

Keeping up with your family members, especially this holiday seasons cannot be overlooked. For many families, especially those with older family members, 2020 has created a lot of time to be alone. Download a video-calling app to help you stay in touch with your family and friends.

13) Make a Collaborative Playlist

Last but not least, don’t forget the power of music! Create a collaborative playlist to allow all of your team members or friends to add their favorite holiday songs. For extra fun, make a trivia game of guessing the different songs and deciding who added which song and why!

It’s Time to Get in the Holiday Spirit

This year has looked unlike any other year in every aspect imaginable. From remote working to online education, almost everything we do is now offered virtually. With the number of holiday-themed activities available online, there’s no reason why Christmas 2020 can’t be memorable. If anything, it’s expected to be a holiday we won’t soon forget.
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