4 Productivity Tips for Content Creators

4 Productivity Tips for Content Creators ITVibes, Inc. The Woodlands, TX.

Content creators, from blog writers to filmmakers, need some form of project management to produce quality content. It can be hard to keep up the pace of publishing fresh content in the ever-evolving digital marketing world. Productivity is an important key for every creative’s content marketing strategy.
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How can you maximize content creation productively? 

By using task tracking tools, defining your content creation goals, and building productive habits, you can start to see better feedback on the content you create. Keep in mind that you’ll need to commit to learning more about your field, which means eliminating distractions and keeping your focus is a must.

  1. Use Tools to Your Advantage
  2. Set Clear Goals
  3. Don’t Stop Learning
  4. Eliminate Distractions

1) Use Tools to Your Advantage

There are a ton of productivity tools out there for you to be using as part of your content management strategy. Start writing in Google Docs to have a cloud-based drive for your brand’s content which you can sort into folders and share with collaborators. 
Try organizing your tasks into a project management tool to focus on what needs to be done next. Trello is excellent for creating content with its task tracking productivity templates.

2) Set Clear Goals

Don’t go into your content marketing plan without an end goal in mind for the content you publish. As a content creator, what is it that you’re providing to your target audience? Are you looking to educate on a topic, sell a product or service, or entertain followers? Once you define what the ultimate project goal is, you can split that goal into individual tasks you’ll need to do to get there.

3) Don’t Stop Learning

Take courses outside of your projects to learn more on a topic in your field and broaden your knowledge on the subject. In the long run, you’ll be able to provide a better user experience with your brand’s content by applying your newfound experience in your field. The more you learn about a subject, the easier it will become to create content for it, which means content creation becomes much more efficient and more manageable to track.

Pro Tip: Try to make a habit of tackling your main goals for the day in the early morning; with a cup of coffee, of course.

4) Eliminate Distractions

When you need to block out some undistracted time to write content, you don’t want to be tempted to waste time on social media. If checking your phone too often is something you struggle with when it comes to being productive, you might want to consider Flora. This iPhone app helps you to put down your phone and stay focused for short periods of time.

Create Content with Confidence

Come back to these content productivity tips when you feel your creation process begins to slow down or become stale. Also, remember to take a break every so often to prevent burnout. After all, creating quality content takes a lot of creative energy!
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