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Preparing for a Video Interview: Dos & Don’ts

by | May 4, 2020 | Job Hunting, Work from Home, Working From Home

Video interviews are nothing new in the hiring world. Many employers have been using live video chats or prerecorded videos from potential candidates in the interview process. And with social distancing still in effect, a video interview may be the only way you’re able to talk to a potential employer.
Virtual interviews have been common for a while already, and social distancing has only increased their frequency. But preparing for one can be tricky. It’s easy to fall into the trap of treating it just like an in-person interview, or going to the opposite extreme and adopting a far too casual attitude. What’s the right balance for your situation? Keep these video interview dos and don’ts in mind as you get ready.
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Video Interview Dos: How to Prepare

Getting ready for a video interview has much in common with getting ready for an in-person meeting. You’ll want to have your resume ready and dress professionally, for instance. But a virtual interview requires a bit more tech-centered preparation as well. Take the time to do a systems check on your computer:

  • Make sure your internet bandwidth can handle an HD video call. ( recommends 1 megabits per second.)
  • Check your microphone and camera for any potential errors.
  • Charge your laptop (or smartphone, depending on which device you choose) fully or plug it in during your interview.
  • Experiment with the video call software you’ll be using, even if you’re already familiar with how it works.
  • Find a quiet room with a background that won’t distract the interviewer.

Finally, have a backup plan! Sometimes, despite your best efforts, technology will simply fail you. Talk to the interviewer ahead of time and work out a plan of how to handle a dropped video call or loss of internet.

Pro Tip: Several recurring questions crop up in almost every job interview. Before you call your prospective employer, decide how you’ll answer each question.

Video Interview Don’ts: What Not to Do

Once your technology is up and running, it’s time to consider how you’ll act during the interview. The same mistakes that can kill an in-person meeting can damage a virtual interview too! Keep these principles in mind for your next video call:

  • Don’t arrive late to the interview. There’s even less of an excuse for a video interview. Do your best to work out all the snags in your setup long before it’s time to call.
  • Don’t use the interview as a chance to trash-talk your former boss or criticize the company you’re applying to.
  • Don’t forget to research the company that’s interviewing you. Their industry and culture should influence your clothing choice, your answers to their questions, and more.
  • Don’t get too personal. Don’t overshare about your life and don’t make the interviewer uncomfortable by asking personal questions.
  • Lastly, don’t bring frustrations from the outside world into the interview. Leave your stress or arguments at the door–the interviewer just wants to know about your qualifications, not your attitude for the day.

Good Luck on Your Interview!

Job hunting has proven to be a challenge in an era where both employers and employees can only communicate via technology. However, both sides are adapting to their new circumstances. With enough preparation ahead of time, you’ll perform just as well in a video interview as in a face-to-face meeting. Good luck!
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