When Do You Need a New Website?

When Do You Need a New Website? ITVibes, The Woodlands, TX

No website is relevant or eye-catching forever. Just ask anyone who designed websites in the 90s. But even if your website isn’t plagued by painfully bright colors or tacky geometric designs, you may still be behind the curve when it comes to attracting customers. 
How long has it been since your website got an upgrade? Leaving it alone for too long can cause you to fall behind your competitors. Here’s how to know if your website design simply doesn’t work anymore.
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Your Website is Severely Outdated

Your web presence doesn’t have to look like it stepped out of the 90s to look old. As coding continues to improve, website designers have created some truly marvelous effects while also boosting the site’s functionality. Can your website compete with that? You obviously don’t have to create the world’s best website, but if you want to stand out, you have to present yourself like your competitors do.

Your Website Looks Unappealing

Few things turn potential customers off faster than an ugly website. You could have the most modern coding in the world, but unless it’s accompanied by quality graphic design, it won’t help you. The same goes for websites that are difficult to navigate. Clients may visit a competitor’s website instead simply to find a company that looks more put-together. Don’t let that happen! Have an expert web designer give your website a facelift.

Your Website Doesn’t Get Enough Traffic

This problem could be a consequence of the two above. Alternatively, maybe you simply aren’t promoting your website enough. Customers will buy from you on your site–don’t ignore it! Make sure to display your website prominently in your marketing campaigns, encourage your clients to visit, and make sure their visit is pleasant.

Update Your Online Presence

Digital marketing involves far more than keyword research and eye-catching calls to action. Without a well-designed, functional website to back your business up, you’ll struggle to stay afloat.
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