These 3 Website Errors May be Driving Away Your Customers

These 3 Website Errors May Driving Away Your Customers, ITVibes, The Woodlands, TX

We all have triggers that prompt us to walk away from a situation as quickly as possible. Some might rush to leave a dirty-looking restaurant that prompts doubts about the safety of the food. Likewise, whether we realize it or not, websites may trigger the same response from a potential customer. Is your website giving off the same impression as a dirty restaurant and scaring clients away?
Do customers spend barely any time on your website? These all-too-common website errors may be why. #ITVibes #webdesign Share on X

Does Your Website Have These Problems?

Certain design choices or missing features can lead potential customers to click off your website. Of course, this results in fewer sales and lower online visibility for you. How can you combat this problem? Perform a website audit and see if any of these issues stand out to you:

  1. Long loading times
  2. Required registration
  3. Difficulty navigating

1) Long Loading Times

Plenty of customers can recall a time that a website they clicked on took way too long to load, while other websites popped up nearly immediately. This scenario turns people off. If the problem demonstrably lies with your website and not with the customer’s internet, they’ll likely lose patience and move on to a competing website that gives them what they want faster. How long does your website take to load? How many sales have you potentially lost to lag?

Pro Tip: Overloading your website with images or videos can greatly increase your loading time and make customers lose patience. Keep your design simple and easy to navigate.

2) Required Registration

Certain websites require registration before their full capabilities are unlocked. For websites like social media platforms or shopping centers, this is understandable. However, your website may not qualify. No customer wants to hand over their email or go through the trouble of making an account just to read an article, for example. Consider if your services really require registration.

3) Difficulty Navigating

Finally, your website may simply be confusing! A difficult-to-navigate website could have broken links, 404 errors galore, links that send you to the wrong page, or a menu that makes your head spin. Customers have little patience for websites like this. If someone finds themselves lost on your website or constantly hitting brick walls, they’ll go somewhere else in a heartbeat. Don’t make your website an unsolvable maze!

Improve Your Website

Consumers often Google a business before visiting in person. As their first impression of your establishment, your website should knock it out of the park. Keep your online presence polished and attractive to any potential clients.
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