5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog Right Now

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog Right Now, ITVibes Digital Marketing

Customarily thought of like an online journal, a blog is a section on a website dedicated to posting written content. As a business, being actively involved in your blog can become a great way to promote your products and connect with your customers. Discover the top reasons why your business should have a blog section on your website.
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To Blog or Not to Blog?

Having a blog is a great benefit to any business, especially in regard to driving traffic to your website. Quality content marketing is based on having different types of content worth sharing. If you’re wondering whether your business needs to break into the blogging community, consider these particular advantages:

  1. Increase website traffic
  2. Boost social media presence
  3. Promote products and services
  4. Provide inbound link opportunities
  5. Amplify your company’s voice

1) Increase Website Traffic

According to a recent study, 55% of companies who had a blog experienced increased traffic to their website. Since a blog post is essentially a new page on your website, you can easily optimize your content for search engines by using certain keywords in your writing. By employing search engine optimization practices, your blog may be the missing key to getting your website to rank on Google’s first page results.

2) Boost Social Media Presence

Having business pages on social media is a great way to connect directly with your customers, but if you don’t have content to share, it can be useless. With a company blog, you can publish new content and share it through your social media channels. This will help to create more engagement and interest in your brand, giving your followers relevant information directly from you.

3) Promote Products and Services

Blogs can double as a great space to share about new products or services in your business. Since customers are always looking for product reviews before purchasing, you can also highlight certain brands or special features for added confidence. Compared to product descriptions, individual blog articles can go more into detail and provide more information to help a customer make the final choice. 

4) Provide Inbound Link Opportunities

High-quality content is going to be reshared. If you have a company blog that provides relevant information to your services, like step-by-step instructions or in-depth comparisons, your audience will find value in your content. They may share with their friends or use it as a reference source in their blog. By producing opportunities for backlinks, you can boost your website’s authority and overall visibility.

Pro Tip: Implement blog posts into your email marketing plan to guide subscribers directly to your website and related pages.

5) Amplify Your Company’s Voice

Blog posts are a great way to engage your audience and share your company’s history, current happenings, and future goals. Customers want brands they can connect with on a regular basis. By having a creative outlet to help customers get to know your business, you can develop your company’s voice and gain support along the way. Publishing blog articles are just one way where you can communicate exactly who you are.

Grow Your Company Blog

Deciding whether to start a blog ultimately depends on your company’s goals and your available resources. If you have a dedicated team member or content writer able to devote time to blogging, you can exponentially increase awareness of your brand. By providing relevant content to your target audience, your business will find new customers in no time.
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