Social Media 101 for Small Businesses

Social Media 101 for Small Businesses, ITVibes Digital Marketing, Spring

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Social Media

Growing your business involves a number of aspects. From storefront advertising to sale promotions, business owners have a huge task of getting their name known in the community. According to eMarketer, 44 percent of local businesses depend on social media to generate brand awareness. Learn how to grow your business with a social media strategy catered specifically to you.
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How to Build Brand Awareness

To make your business known by potential customers, your brand becomes the focus. Who are you? What makes your business different from your competitors? With the right planning and customized strategies, you can start growing your target audience one post at a time. Start posting the best content on your social media accounts with these helpful tips.

  1. Create a Good Caption
  2. Maintain Optimal Post Length
  3. Find the Best Time
  4. Start Growing Your Hashtags
  5. Repost the Right Way

1) Create a Good Caption

A social media post is usually made of two distinct parts: the content and the caption. While the actual content of a post can vary between a graphic, video, or link based on the social media network, a caption remains constant. Create a good caption that provides context to the content of your posting to keep your followers engaged long term.

2) Maintain Optimal Post Length

Every person’s social media feed is filled with a number of family updates, advertisements, funny videos, memes, and news articles. To keep your followers engaged, it’s crucial to keep your posts at an optimal length that will catch their attention. 

3) Find the Best Time

The algorithms of social media platforms change every so often. Whether you’ve experienced it first-hand or not, a platform’s algorithm will place more focus on certain posts than others. As a business, you can make sure your posts are getting visibility by scheduling your posts for when your users are online. Take a look at the habits of your users and then realign your posting strategy accordingly.

Pro Tip: Not every platform is built the same way. What tactic works best for Facebook posts may need to be altered for the types of posts on Instagram or Twitter.

4) Start Growing Your Hashtags

Hashtags are the number one organic way to build any audience. By attaching certain keywords in the form of a hashtag, you can attract new followers easily. Find the best hashtags for your business to help build relationships within your niche or industry.

5) Repost the Right Way

Resharing links or posts related to your business is one of the engaging ways to plan your content calendar. By providing shared content that is relevant, your followers will begin to see your brand as a trusted resource. That being said, there are still rules to follow. Make sure you’re reposting the right way on your different social media channels to increase your web traffic.

Expanding Your Social Media Presence

How can you grow your social media profiles? With a large number of followers, you can position yourself as an expert in your field and start growing your audience base. Don’t underestimate the power of social media and the positive effect on your ROI.
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