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Do People Still Use Business Cards?

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Brand Management

Do People Still Use Business Cards, ITVibes Houston Texas

Thanks to the pandemic, almost everything in the business world has gone digital. Companies traded in-person meetings for Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Skype meetings. Offices are now bedrooms, couches, or back porches, and our office mates are now our cats and dogs instead of humans. Does the rise of remote work mean paper products like business cards are no longer useful? 

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The short answer to that question is business cards do still have a place in the world. These marketing tools are useful at face-to-face marketing events. Having a personalized business card that links to your social media is important for growing your business.

Necessary at Networking Events

When at networking events, it’s important to easily show a person what your brand identity is, and where they can find more about you. That is where a business card comes into play. Business cards are a great way to give the first impression to a prospective client as well as start new business relationships. 

A good business card should have your company’s name, email address, and social media handles as well as your company logo. That way, all your essential information is in one place. 

Digital Business Cards

What if you want to have the benefits of a business card, without the drawbacks of a physical card? That is why digital business cards exist. They have the benefits of sharing critical information easily, without the cost or space constraints of a paper card. These are great options for those who want to exchange contact information virtually. 

Show Your Personality to Potential Customers

The best part about business cards is they allow you to show your personality to potential clients. Because of the customization options available, it is much easier to communicate your brand identity when exchanging business cards. 

Make This Marketing Tool with ITVibes

Interested in making your own business card? We can help you with that! ITVibes offers design and print services as one of the many marketing tools in our arsenal. 

Contact us for more information on making your own business cards.