5 Examples of Stunning Evergreen Content

5 Examples of Stunning Evergreen Content, ITVibes Marketing Agency

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Blog Writing

One surefire way to keep your blog fresh and relevant is by creating evergreen content. Designed to highlight the unchanging aspects of your business, evergreen topics provide customers with key information about what makes you unique. Explore our favorite examples of evergreen content to enhance your long-term planning.

Like an evergreen tree that never dies, evergreen content brings life to your brand in a way that remains sustainable. Freshen up your content plan with some of these ideas! Share on X

Examples of Evergreen Content for 2021

What is evergreen content, you may ask? In a few words, it is social media or blog content that covers topics that will stay relevant for a long period of time. Not only will this help bulk up your content marketing strategy but will inevitably increase your SEO ranking as you become an expert source of high-quality content.

Here are a couple of evergreen blog posts that we recommend adding to your upcoming calendar.

  1. Checklists
  2. Case Studies
  3. Pillar Pages
  4. “How To” Guides
  5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Checklists

Everyone likes a good list! Create a checklist of something related to your business to drive traffic to your website. Whether you’re a service provider or shop owner, lists are a great way to point customers in your direction. Ideas may include:

  • 5 Steps to Inspect Your Home
  • 21 Questions to Ask Your Property Manager
  • 6 Gifts Every Husband Wants

2) Case Studies

Another evergreen piece of content worth publishing is a case study. Whether you create a separate section on your website or highlight a particular project on your blog, case studies are a great way to show off your achievements regardless of the time of year.

3) Pillar Pages

Somewhat new to the digital marketing industry, pillar pages are being used more frequently to organize content in a way that’s digestible. With a pillar page, you combine a number of different articles into one comprehensive guide. Not only will this strengthen internal links, but will show search engines you have a variety of content related to that keyword – helping to boost your SERP ranking.

4) “How To” Guides

With mobile devices, learning something new is literally at our fingertips. Take advantage of a user’s curiosity by creating a “how-to” guide related to your business. By providing content that is both helpful and relevant, you can become a resource for potential customers.

5) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Every business is asked questions on a repeated basis. Why not publish your answers for future access? With an FAQ post centered around your business and the needs of your customers, you can provide quick support for the most common questions.

Creating Content that Never Dies

In the world of content marketing, search volume for particular keywords changes from time to time. With evergreen content, you can expand your reach while creating content that will last for months or even years to come.

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