4 Types of Writing Styles


by | Feb 18, 2022 | Blog Writing

There are many types of writing styles available, and you need to understand how each works before putting any word on paper. Your writing objective and target readers will determine the writing style to use. Are you writing to persuade, narrate, inform, or describe something? Well, this guide explores the writing styles you need to know.

What types of writing styles are there? 

A lot goes into becoming a successful writer. It’s not only about putting words on paper, but you also have to pick a writing style that fulfills your specific purpose for writing. What you write must also engage the target readers as you desire. Below are the common types of writing styles to learn when writing. 

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  1. Persuasive
  2. Descriptive
  3. Narrative
  4. Expository

1) Persuasive

With persuasive writing, you try to convince your readers about the validity of a specific point or argument. For that reason, you must provide the evidence and justifications to support your claims. You can use this writing style to write letters of recommendation, editorial articles, cover letters, and argumentative essays.

2) Descriptive

The descriptive writing style depicts imagery that builds scenes and settings in the readers’ minds. This style engages and connects readers to the writing by employing literary techniques like metaphors, similes, and allegory. You can use the style to write poetry, fictional plays, fictional novels, and nature descriptions.

3) Narrative 

Narrative writing is common in longer writing pieces, including fiction and non-fiction. Its primary purpose is to share information in the form of a story with a complete set of conflicts, characters, and settings. You’ll find the narrative writing style in short stories, poetry, novels, and historical accounts.

4) Expository

This writing style applies when sharing information or explaining a concept to wider audiences. It doesn’t give the writer’s opinions but provides facts, evidence, and statistics to prove a particular point or topic. Excellent examples of expository writings include textbooks, technical writing, news stories, and how-to articles.

Writing For Your Company

Expository, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive writing are the four common types of writing styles to know. Remember to use the style that fulfills your writing objectives and satisfies your readers. However, you can combine several styles in a single text to fulfill a specific objective. The good news is you now know where to apply the writing styles.

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