4 Types of Blog Formats


by | Dec 31, 2021 | Blog Writing

With several types of blog formats available, you don’t have to use the same blogging style every time you write an article. Sticking to one blog format makes your content more predictable to readers who need new ideas. Instead, consider mixing up different blog formats in your content to eliminate writer’s block and keep the readers engaged.

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What are some types of blog formats? 

When you are ready to write your next blog post, it’s good to experiment with different formats to make your content valuable. The bottom line is to ensure that the type of blog post format you choose integrates with your content marketing strategies. Thankfully, there are many types of blog formats to try out, including:

  1. The “How-to” Post
  2. The “What” Post
  3. The “Why” Post 
  4. The List Post

1) The “How-To” Post

This blog format is ideal for writing educational content, and that’s why it’s among the most popular blog formats. It can drive traffic in search engines when people search for tutorial-based content. So, choose the how-to blog format when giving instructions or procedural information. The body comprises step guides to achieve something.

2) The “What” Post

The “what” blog content would be the perfect choice for your readers when you want to introduce a new concept and explain what it entails. Most people who always look for “what is…” information tend to seek explanations regarding a particular subject. For that reason, you must be an expert on the topic you are writing about.

3) The “Why” Post

Due to its introductory nature, the “why” post is quite similar to the “what” post. However, it goes deeper by backing up the relevance of the subject at hand by providing answers to the “why” element. In other words, it helps bloggers to draw attention to the importance of the topic under discussion.

4) The List Post

The listicle type of content is becoming popular today as it gives secrets, reasons, types, or tips for doing something. The reader will already know that it’s a list post by reading the topic. The format effectively lists tips, ideas, or tactics of a particular subject at hand. You can use numbers or alphabets to list the main points in the article.

Find the Format For You

Whether you are familiar with the “how-to,” “why,” “what,” list, or curated post, it is good to mix up the different types of blog formats to produce high-quality content. However, most inbound marketers often prefer the how-to posts to engage their target audience. Finally, always add a call to action to your blogs when promoting a product or service.

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