How Google Answers Your Search Query Question

by | May 29, 2020 | Google, Search Engines

Since its inception, Google has been consistently improving advanced search to answer users’ search queries. By collecting and sorting through public, online information, Google uses an advanced algorithm to provide credible answers to your questions. 
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If you have a question, your first instinct is most likely to type it into the search engine on your smartphone. While it seems like Google magically answers your question or search query, it actually has an algorithm and bots that scan seemingly infinite public information on the world wide web.

Google Ads in Search Results

Have you ever noticed that after you look up a product or service in Google search, you start seeing Google ads with similar items? PPC (pay-per-click) takes advantage of what each user types into the search engine. Business owners spend a certain amount for each click on common keywords that their customers are likely searching for. 

Pro Tip: Google ads work with SEO (search engine optimization) to answer your questions.

How Google Ranks Websites

Google bots or spiders are programmed to crawl websites to find the highest quality content.  Online advertising and organic SEO work together to target keywords.  The goal of the algorithm is to solve problems that are typed into search. All search results aren’t accurate, but Google actively works to show reliable results based on user intent.

Google Question and Answers

In 2017, Google Question and Answers was introduced. The innovative addition to Google allows customers to directly ask business owners questions. This gives local guides and customers a chance to connect directly with businesses. 


There are many ways in which Google answers user search questions. With SEO and PPC, a number of factors are taken into consideration. From keyword research and content writing to display ads and landing pages, improving your ranking is complex. If you need a reliable SEO, PPC, and complete digital marketing company, connect with us on Facebook